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Hyper Brain: Working & Not : Feedback Encouraged

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    Granted , it may not be the best place to begin my first post but I’m sure any of you as my audience may know where I’m coming from on that decision…

    I’ll save you the attention span considering I myself want to complete an entire novel on my findings as I can now understand them though I’ll limit it to a generic situation(THEN previous approach, my new analysis, situation where I felt enlightened by it).

    “I am too focused on what if I’m wrong? ” (Includes : Everyone else is right therefore I’ll follow) 

    It has happened since I was 5 … I’ve been told on thousands of occasions that I’m wrong … I never do things right , I’m dumb, I’m lazy, to try harder, I’m weird…and so on)
    I’ve analyzed this over the last week and I’m not too sure of anything anymore though it definitely didn’t help that I automatically reverted to “they are right ” instead of asking ? “Have they thought of different situations? Sometimes I feel like they may not understand that their approach towards explanation, doesn’t relate to myself… I have been experimenting to question rather than automatically dispose something using defeat or denial..It helps
    Situation (among many in the past week) : Started a new job on Monday, first day went well …attentive…curious … enthusiastic… life changing… The moment of truth came today when I was being taught about something related to finance…I know the basics, sometimes more-so , though can’t seem to relate…I decided to take a note from my friend “P” who is remarkably successful (Mind, I suspect to share the same problems of a different manifestation) …I asked questions…blasted them off … did they help ? Yes and Yes , the second being that I realized , the person may not be aware of my problem, lets give him time to interpret your first question while you actively engage his in your mind…Low and behold , long story short for that matter, things turned for the better.. I realized I learn a lot better … WHILE paying haste to those who may not understand.  Granted I am not a doctor but it was a hell of an accomplishment for me …Your “similar situation” may and most likely (for the sake of this forum) will  spark some interest . If it does , leave a comment or PM me , I’d like to talk about it and possibly build my own assumptions on how I can add value to your life or mine …



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    Wow. Hit the nail on the head right there. My life was much the same growing up. I gave up a lot of jobs when I got older because I couldnt handle the managers telling me that I wasn’t doing something right. Or I always forget something. Asking questions and really trying to wrap my head around something I needed to do has helped so much in my current employment, along with my calendar and task managers and notebooks. And I’m sure most of us know what would happen without those extremely important tools. My employers are aware of my ADHD and if there is something important I need to remember they either text or email it to me. Makes life so much easier. I lived in chaos for years. Asking the right questions and clarifying help so much.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)