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    I think someone talked about this on another thread, but I couldn’t find it. So here goes.

    My company is going through a re-org and someone I look up to was let go without notice. This surprised me, because usually, when the music stops, I am the one left standing. They also split the team I was working with up and reassigned me to another team. Everyone is in shock and of course with all the drama, nothing is getting done.

    I am completely on edge, with everything that is going on This has made me think that I have always been sensitive to other people’s emotions. I knew this guy was being laid off by the way he answered questions and th way he was acting.

    Is anyone out there real sensitive to other people’s emotions?


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    *raising hand* Me, me, me!! Sometimes it’s helpful because you can prompt a friend to talk about what’s bugging them when other people don’t even realize that something isn’t right, but there is nothing worse than the situation like you describe. Sometimes I find it difficult to discern whether or not I’m feeling the way I am because of something going on with me, or if I’m picking up on someone else’s emotional state. Sometimes it can make me feel overwhelmingly sad to know what someone else is feeling when it’s negative.

    I hope that makes sense–my meds are wearing off and my brain feels kind of all over the place.


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    Yes, I can relate.

    So may old college had this week of activities. I enjoyed judging and stating rules. I didn’t want to play. Somehow, I got roped into it. My guy friend was the caption and in tears stating they needed one more person. He would only use my name, but it did not go like that. The first day I did the event, because I loved what we were doing. The next two days I didn’t want to do any of them. The team let me know that they were not happy. They did not realize finals were in two weeks and I am moody, because things just pile up, and it was my second to last semester. Most events happen when I go to bed. The events made me so on edge that I had a few melt downs and I had to leave one event, because it was too competitive.

    I spent most of the week crying, dodging people, this person on the other team knew me well enough to know that I was heading to my “I need to get out of here or I will crazy.” She ended up taking me off campus, which she also knew bothered me. She took a look at my agenda and wrote her name for an hour.

    One of my teammate got angry, because I sitting down drinking a decaf tea talking to another team’s person. He let me have it right there and then. I almost hit him, I mean my hand was just inches from his face, and that is when I decided it was time to get out of here and go somewhere else. He ended up taking me back to campus. He thought they were trying to get me on their time, and of course he was not the caption and had no idea of our agreement.

    When I got back on campus I waited until he was busy and snuck out. I went to one of my secret places, the wooded trails. I ran deep enough to where no one could see me. I looked at my cell and check the time. Ended up crying in the woods for an hour. In that time I had thirty angry text, asking if I joined some other team. Put my phone in my purse and balled myself to sleep in the woods.

    When I came back on campus, I made sure to go to the place, where not a lot of people ate. It was one my favorite places anyway, close to the LGBTQ research office, Women center, and Diversity center. After I grabbed my food I visited all three centers. Everyone knew me and knew how emotional I could get. In fact each of them were visited by my lovely teammates. They missed an event because they where looking for me. That made me feel upset. I didn’t want to play and I didn’t make them miss it. The people at the center had a different reaction when they heard I was missing. They also knew I had a hard time when people were, like that. Then I told them I went to the wooded trails the school owns. They all freaked out, because I went by myself. That is what I wanted anyway.

    I went back to food place, and forgot that their was an activity. My team was happy I was there. They were telling me to tell them when another team was coming, because I could hear things far away. That was the problem, sometimes I miss out how far they were. We had stupid nerve guns and I did not want to shoot any one. Somehow, I was the third person standing. An idea came to me, what if I shoot myself with the nerve gun. I committed nerve gun suicide. The team had more guys then girls and the guys were too involved for my liking. They started cursing at me, yelling at, and telling me how disappointed they were with me. They even stated I was the best member because of my energy level. First there was the lump in my throat that told me tears were coming, and they did. Second, was my temper was raising so much, that I could not breath. Totally didn’t realize that I was starting to having a panic attack. I swear I felt everyones angsts, anger, and what ever emotion they were having.

    A person from the women center and the diversity center told everyone to stop what they were doing. There had been a fight that broke out too. When they came over and saw me. They thought I was being bullied by my group. “They were suppose to use my name,” I cried. “I did this so they could play. I knew this is what happens. I get tired of the emotions everyone has, I just can’t handle it. I can’t handle it. I wish this week would end. I was suppose to not do any activities. Last year, was more fun. I got to leave when it got too much for me to handle.”

    Sunday I ended playing and it was fun. I was last person on my team and we were playing dodge ball. I freaked out when I hit someone, but they assured me they were okay. Oh, and the college told everyone that if anything happened like that on friday night that team, or member (if it was only one or two) will be gone. That made me feel a lot better, because everyone settled down.

    The last was mud tog a war. I jumped into the mud, because I was standing up, and everyone had let go. We placed 13 place not bad out of 32 places.

    That was the recent sensitive to other people’s emotions. Although I still feel the emotions as I write this. Before that incident there was a hate crime on campus. I totally, hid myself from people, but did do the rally. At the end people stated what I said had meaning and hey why should we let hate take over.

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