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Hyperfocus and Slot Machines

Hyperfocus and Slot Machines2015-05-10T09:25:10+00:00
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    Patte Rosebank
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    I just read an article about the psychology behind slot machines, and one passage referred to the “zone” of hyperfocus.

    Not only does it explain the addictiveness of slot machines, it also perfectly defines hyperfocus and what we ADDers need to complete a set of tasks!

    To understand the zone, you first have to understand “flow,” the concept developed by Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi to describe a hyperfocused state of absorption.

    During “flow,” time speeds up (hours feel like minutes) or slows down (reactions can be made instantly), and the mind reaches a state of almost euphoric equilibrium.

    Csikszentmihaly’s four criteria of flow are:

    First, each moment of the activity must have a little goal;

    Second, the rules for attaining that goal must be clear;

    Third, the activity must give immediate feedback;

    Fourth, the tasks of the activity must be matched with challenge.

    (Source: Addiction by Design: Machine Gaming in Las Vegas, Natasha Schüll, Princeton University Press, 2012)


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    I agree, though I don’t believe the concept of Flow was invented by a Hungarian psychologist. I seem to recall that it is a Hindu concept, dating back thousands of years. But I will have to look it up to be sure.

    Your title caught my attention.I instantly flashed back to my one and only experience with slot machines, and how I just kept playing, and playing, and playing….. All the loud noises and the bright lights that assailed me when I first walked into the room and made me turn around and walk back out at first just disappeared while I was sitting in front of that machine, watching the little thingys spinning round, and round, and round….

    I have no idea whether I won, lost, or broke even. All I know is slot machines are bad and are to be avoided always.

    I do love it when I have those days where time slows down. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen very often.

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