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hyperfocus problems

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    There are times when I simply can’t let go of a topic. LONG after it’s time to move on I’m still working through details (many that were never relavent).

    Sometimes for days.

    A real good example of this would be staying up all night working through different mathematical patterns trying to figure out better ways to define Pi (the ratio of a circle yadda yadda etc….). Then since I didn’t get to bed until god knows when the entire next day is messed up starting with me oversleeping offsetting everyting.

    Habits/patterns be damned.

    I may have Obsesive Compulsive tendencies OCD on top of ADHD so maybe it’s just me.

    either way it’s not fun, what do I do.

    (by the way it’s 5:44 am, I figured I’d scan this site for a couple minuites. That was around Midnight.)


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    I’m not that bad, but often look at the clock to find it’s 1am and the thing I started at 10pm the prior day – I’m still working on it, or I never finished but got distracted into doing something else…..

    Remember, pi aren’t square, pi are round…..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)