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    Good to see everyone again and some new people! 🙂

    Im on a bit of a down once again. Overwhelm. Frustrated. I admit its been a while since I have felt this way and a lot has been going on that ive been doing well in.

    About 2 months ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. GREAT! As if ADD wasnt hard enough. I was just getting a routine and handle on that!

    **I warn you now this is a long post!!**

    As you all know with ADD thats a lot of work! Now add a slow thyroid… What ever little motivation I had is completely gone. It was to the point I would wake up, send my kids to school, sleep. Get up when they got home, order dinner/ask husband to cook because I was tired. Eat then go back to sleep. Everyone was worried I was depressed, but I wasnt. Ive been depressed and this just wasnt the same. I drug myself to the walk in clinic because I dont have a family doctor here (our new “city”) and have been procrastinating on getting one! Got blood work done… low in iron and hypothyroidism! Go me!

    I was instructed to take the medication and the same time everyday… Make SURE I take it EVERYDAY. YEAH RIGHT! I am having a horrible time taking it at the same time everyday… I do shift work… I cant get a routine down for the life of me! I then stopped taking it all together! Then I thought even if I take it a different time everyday that would be better than not taking it at all! Ive been doing that now…

    Now this is where the frustration has come in. I FINALLY went to the pharmacy BEFORE my ADD meds were out and there were problems with my coverage. This pharmacy IS CRAP! Something is ALWAYS wrong there! I was out of ADD meds for a week, plus my thyroid med is too low and I was PMSing… Yes that is a big deal. Sorry to the men who can’t handle it. With no ADD meds PMS is havoc on me and my family. My moods are all over the place and I pester my husband to no end with being hyper, then angry, then hyper, then sleeping, then angry. I eat out of control. So much that I thought I was going to puke a couple times. I havent had that happen in a looooooooooooooooong time!! Now add the stupid slow thyroid! Thyroid makes it so I just dont care and I want to sleep and Ive gained 20lbs in one month!!! UGH!!!!

    I dont have a family doctor here… I HATE dealing with the pharmacy I go to… Yes Ive tried to switch pharmacies but because Ive had my ADD med transferred once I have to get a new prescription from my family doctor who is a 6 hour drive back in my home town. I took it all in steps. I have been going to the pharmacy for the last 3 weeks getting one thing sorted at a time. Today I FINALLY got my ADD meds.

    I was talking with the pharmacist today about my heart rate… How while on my ADD meds it is between 120-135. Thats HIGH! Thats NOT GOOD AT ALL. He told me to look into other options. I told him ive been on many different ones and how the one im on Vyvanse, has worked the best besides Dexedrine (pretty much same thing anyways). But with the Dexedrine I was having a hard time taking it every 4hours (Thanks ADD). He was telling me other options how I could take a fast acting one then this then that then I kinda broke down. I said “Look! I just cant do that! Im having a hard enough time as it is trying to take my thyroid med everyday, plus this one and that one!! UGH!” He just went silent. I felt so bad. He was trying to help me out. I just wanted to burst out crying.

    Now I have to go blood work done because I KNOW my TSH isnt in range (thyroid). Go back to the stupid walk in clinic to see a Doctor I dont even know! Try to find a possible solution. I doubt the doctors will even know about ADD! I thought about going into mental health to see the psychiatrist there because he is AMAZING but problem is… I work at that hospital. I want to work in the psych department! I dont want to walk in and say “Hey guys! Its me! Yes im a “psych” patient! No one knows about my ADD and I want to keep it that way. UGH! GRRRRR GRRRR GRRRRRR! Thats how I feel. Like im trapped in the corner!

    I know this too will blow over. It always does… But BLEH! Needed to vent 🙁


    Patte Rosebank
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    Geez, that doesn’t just suck; it blows dead bears!

    You’d be surprised how many people who work in mental health have some of the conditions that they’re treating in their patients.  The psychiatrist who diagnosed my ADHD definitely seemed to have it, himself, and his office was in the mental health wing of the hospital!

    That thyroid condition you have is an interesting addition.  Sometimes, the symptoms of a thyroid condition can be similar to ADHD or anxiety or depression.

    Shift-work really sucks, especially if you have a mental issue, or diabetes, or a thyroid condition.  The frequent switch from day to night hours (or even early to later day hours) does a major number on your circadian rhythm, which governs all the other functions in your body.  It’s so harmful that I can’t believe it hasn’t been banned by law!

    It makes so much more sense, in terms of health & safety AND productivity, to have a bunch of people who only work nights and another bunch of people who only work days.  Especially in jobs that deal with life-or-death situations, like the ones that occur in hospitals, the airline industry, and mass-transit!


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