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    … was surprised how many things I recognized.

    Now age 66, I have learned to exploit my form of ADHD by finding things I enjoyed and was good at.

    “ADD & Mastering It!” prompted me to comment on the ‘white noise’ part. Although not good in sports and school being a struggle, via serendipity, I began racing karts at age 6. I instantly had a knack for it and continued on until retiring in 1984 after winning (2) Grandnational Championships (thank you very much!)

    Over the years I pondered why I sucked at sports yet was good at racing. The engine roar inside my helmet (I could scream yet hear nothing), I believe the engine roar drowned out the noise of life, allowing me to focus on the job at hand (racing) without the distraction of incidental noises.

    That Guy with ADHD

    Welcome to the forum fyjimojo!

    Filling that white noise helps me too but I learned to do it with familiar music. If I play background music that I am very familiar with (Beatles, Doug and the Slugs, Strange Advance) the part of my brain that gets distracted seems to focus on that and doesn’t splinter into a million subthoughts that I get lost in. The rest of my brain seems to be able to focus on work. While it’s not perfect (I still manage to drift away) it does help me. Having that roar of the engine in your head all the time must have made it hard to think of anything else but racing! The perfect activity for you! 😀

    I was just thinking of downloading ADHD and mastering it. Did you find it helpful?

    AKA That (54 year old) Guy with ADHD


    Yep Richard the video is Worthy!

    Over the years I figured out many coping mechanisms offered in the video. Since a kid, depression was ever-present. No antidepressants worked. After a bout with depression lasting until 2001, I saw another psychiatrist who, after 15 minutes of observation, had me take a multiple choice test. He said “I got something for you to try. You will either be bouncing off the wall in 15 minutes or will feel better.” I said “What?” He said ‘Ritalin”. I said “I thought that was for ADD.” He said, “Yeah, I think that is the root of your depression.” So I tried it and BINGO!

    The doctor remarked that I seemed to have my life together so asked how I coped. I showed my Palm Pilot (these days smartphone) which had evolved from carrying a PDA since the early 90s. Before that, I updated and printed an agenda daily and attached it to a clipboard. As the day progressed, I scratched through completed stuff and penciled in new/edited stuff.

    To re-emphasize, for everyone struggling with coping, the video is great!


    Love hearing that the video is making a difference! Thanks for the kind words. (I hate to ask, but I want to impact as many of our tribe as possible, so if you can go to the shop page for ADD & Mastering It and write a review I would really appreciate it. There’s so much junk out there and as you probably know from personal experience, so it can be disheartening trying figuring out who has reliable information vs. who is selling bogus ‘cures’

    And I’ve been surprised at the number of people trying to undermine the idea very that ADHD is real. Who would do that, you ask? (I assume you asked.)

    It’s been my experience they are either internet Trolls, pr people who’ve had a bad experience in childhood around ADHD (Ie. Misdiagnosed), or they are people who recognized themselves in a list of ADHD symptoms and are terrified that they might have this mindset (Because they think it means they are ill, or broken, or whatever)

    Anyway, thanks for the kind words!

    And if you want discounts on the videos make sure you’re subscribing to our weekly Newsletters and Friday Funnies.

    Here’s the link. (I had to go to the website to get it. Ha!)

    Oh, and David, who runs the website, has put up a special offer, when you subscribe you get a free bonus video, 7 Things You Should Know About ADHD Medications.

    That Guy with ADHD

    Thanks fyjimojo,

    I did get the video and agree with you that the skills presented in “ADD and Mastering It” are well worth the price, especially now that it is on sale! 😀 It’s one that I will have to review again and again to reinforce those skills. I especially liked number 21. Patrick might call that one a “Smoker”!

    Thanks for the recommendation and thanks to Rick for putting it together.


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