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I don't think it's working.

I don't think it's working.2012-11-30T18:32:07+00:00

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    I was on Ritalin as a kid. Didn’t work then. Doesn’t seem to be working now. I’m 46, 20mg, 1/day. 6′, 200, male.

    What should I be looking for? What questions do I need to ask? If anything, I feel more adrift.



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    Hi jaydmac,

    Meds are only part of the solution. All the books I have read and people I have talked to, say a proper diagnosis, counseling , and meds will help the most. There is not cure for what we have.

    The proper diagnosis, will tell you what is being affected and how much. ADD is a spectrum disorder. We are all affected by it differently, because our brains are all different. If Ritalin works for one person, it might not work for you.

    Ritalin makes me edgy and feel like I have ants crawling under my skin. My leg bounces so much, my family thought we were having an earthquake. Wellbutrin, and Stratera, made my boy bits stop working other than that, it did nothing else. Adderall is tailor made for my brain, and with VERY low doses I get a huge benefit and no side-effects. I go to counseling and a life coach. All of these things are helping.

    Do I still have ADD? Oh yea.

    Will I ever be cured? Not in this lifetime.

    Am I still driving people around me insane? Yep. That may be my purpose in life.

    Will it get better? Yes. It already has.


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    Hello there!

    I was first started on Ritalin and didn’t think it made a difference…. As ive said many times before… I was expecting a AH HA moment. I thought thing would automatically be different. I would feel different! Things would make sense! That wasn’t the case at all. It was very subtle. Like I didnt doodle all over my notes in an education session. I stopped starting arguments with my husband for no reason at all. I didnt have to squeal or run around or hit things impulsively to get out a sudden rush of excited emotion. It helped with my destructive itch. Almost like an addiction. The “itch” would suddenly come over me. I didnt know what I wanted but I needed something! I used to turn to drugs, alcohol, food, sex. Not anymore! Like shutterbug Ritalin made me really edgy too. On the rebound I got VERY VERY cranky… I sought out other meds.

    It took about 6months to find the right med for me… Maybe you need a different med? Different dose? It takes a while to find the right combo but it is REALLY worth it! Ive been taking meds for just over a year now…. I didnt have any for the last week and did I ever see the difference then! Once you take them for a while and then stop you see a big difference. My family can tell right away when I havent taken my meds. Once again, subtle changes. Medication also does not teach habits. Medication will make it easier to slow down, have patience and learn the habits. But this too takes time!

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