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I guess they just really don't understand :(

I guess they just really don't understand :(2011-06-09T17:39:38+00:00

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    This morning my husband who loves me very much and tries to understand and be supportive told me to ‘calm down’ even though he knows I can’t when my mind is motoring. He said “everyone can calm down, just because you have ADHD doesn’t mean you can’t calm down”!!!! 😯 I was stunned and started to cry all I could think is that is exactly what having ADHD means!!! And how can he not understand that??? I guess it’s true what they say….people really are not capable of understanding what it’s like unless the have gone through it themselves :(

    I’m having a hard time today :(


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    Big breath. Now release it. See this is why our lives can end up in turmoil. We have so much going on in our lives and one little straw can overtip the whole load. So just hold on for a little longer and it will all go away. “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” — Abraham Lincoln,


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    My son saw our house and had a fit. He told me to “get this place cleaned up!” This when my husband had just had open-heart surgery and I was his full-time caregiver. This was only a few months ago, but before I really began realizing that ADD was having a major effect on my life. Seeing that he thought I was a totally mess made me feel terrible, and when I told him that since one of our sons died (seven years ago), I just hadn’t been able to keep up, he just told me that that was more than seven years ago (it wasn’t over 7 years, but short six months), I should be over it and not use that as an “excuse.: I’m sure he will just see ADD as just another “excuse” too. The things he said to me (much more than I’ve mentioned here) have broken my heart and although I’ve moved on, if I think about what he said, it still hurts a lot. I know I shouldn’t let what he thinks of me hurt me so much, and I really thought I was past the age when I cared what other people thought, but coming from my own kid is different. When he was in middle school, I was his “most admired person”; to go from that to where I am now is one of the reasons I might seek treatment. However, my GP and I have had some disagreements in the past, and I’m not sure I even want to bring this up with him. But I feel as if I need to do SOMETHING before ALL my children think I’m a lazy pig.


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    My reply to him would have been –

    “if it bothers YOU so bloody much, here’s the broom and mop, hop to it worthless brat – where have YOU been through all of this, eh??”

    To the OP – no, people can’t. Even some other “add” types (or those who CLAIM to have it) just don’t get it when YOUR symptoms and problems are WORSE or even just DIFFERENT than theirs……….. like they say about walking in shoes and all.

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