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I learned more about ADD in a video then anything a Doctor has ever done.

I learned more about ADD in a video then anything a Doctor has ever done.2012-02-07T16:01:11+00:00

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    Hi, thought i would come here to introduce myself and begin expanding my borders.

    My name is Amanda, I’m 25, been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD since May 2010, ~ 2 years. I’m been married officiacl for about 2 years, unoffically 6, and I’ve 2 daughters.

    I have passed by this sight before since i was Dx’d, after years of pushing from my other half. Took so long (~4years) because i didn’t believe him. A Doctor, specialist (apparently) has been no help what so ever. Not sure if I’m allowed to go into much detail about that, but the tittle about sums it up. There has been one phycologist that has been helpful, haven’t seen much of him because of a chaotic scedule.

    Oh, i’m a FT student and a post secondary tech school. In one of the toughest programs.

    Desided to give this place another look after Global aired “ADD and Loving it?!”. It was really helpful, the best information I have heard yet. And i hope i will learn more poking around here. It’s been a hard long journey so far, i hope now it will finally feel easier.

    Wish i could say more, but i got to go before i start running late.

    Usually happens anyway :P


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    Welcome, Faequine! I think you’ll find a lot of stories here that will likely be similar to yours – one of the shining benefits of this site, frankly.

    I don’t envy you your school program. I’ve tried so many times to take the odd technical course at my workplace, only to lose interest so quickly. I’m much more of a “hands on” guy, willing to “suffer” the adrenalin rush of messing up badly, over trying to memorize a lot of boring stuff. Only learned recently (a little over a year ago) that I have ADHD. Then the lights came on, and a lot of things started to make sense.

    Looking forward to reading more about your experience. Cheers!


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    welcome and good luck .. kids and adhd that is a lot of work

    try reading Dr. Barckley about adhd and Dr Mate .. both have lots of solid insights

    and they are at current now reasearch .. better than what was known 10 years back

    keep well ..


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    Welcome Faequine aka Amanda,

    We are a friendly, “chatty” bunch. Jump in anytime.

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