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I meet ADD criteria but I'm the opposite of Hyperactive – anyone?

I meet ADD criteria but I'm the opposite of Hyperactive – anyone?2019-05-15T20:00:53+00:00

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    I’m very aware of the subtypes and all, I study psychology and currently doing neuropsychology so I can understand a bit about this in theory.

    I’m undiagnosed and I did an evaluation in the past but I’m very suspicious I was misdiagnosed, you know, with anxiety issues instead (typical I guess).

    Normally don’t hear people talking about struggling with “inhibition”. Looking back on my life, I feel this “inhibit way of being” actually was the reason for so much suffering, because I would suffer in silence and no one would notice I much I would struggle. Obviously, I paid a really big price with this, develop a phobia with my family ( that I can’t really understand why they are my biggers supporters but I guess I was always very sensitive)depression and some sort of trauma it seems although my life was quite decent. I’m privileged for the most part. I don’t trust my self and that can be very daunting, although I’m very functional (well apparently I guess, not sure if I actually am). I meet the criteria for inattentive type and I could share a lot about it, but need to keep this short and it’s not the point. ( I actually just did a rant but I got bored of writing about it, too many errors to correct).

    Do ADDers ou there feel like this as well? I do get reckless sometimes, I do have NO PATIENCE to deal with objects, I feel they are all conspiring against me, and I do get irritated very easily sometimes, like with doing the dishes and I look like a kid on a tantrum (embarrassing).I seek novelty a lot and I can be very energetic. Basically, I’m saying I’m, not a zombie, but sometimes I am. But I know my inhibition is above average.I know this too from the neuropsychological testing.

    Another question, did anyone know if scored in the average range (or high average) in executive function in a neuropsychological test, but still has ADD diagnosis? I did surprisingly well in the test, but in life, I’m the complete description on ADD. I’ve spent load os money getting help to improve organization skill with out success.



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