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I talked to my dr about my Consorta wearing off. Good thing!

I talked to my dr about my Consorta wearing off. Good thing!2012-07-24T04:22:58+00:00

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    I have a great Psychiatrist! She is very understanding off ADD,and do I have case of it! I take 54 mg of Consorta in the morning,and a bumper dose of 10 mg Methylphenidate in the afternoon. I was telling my dr that I took my Consorta in the morning,and by the afternoon I was back to frazzle land. So she gave me a bumper dose in the afternoon,and wow! It really helped me get through the day. I have a real battle with ADD. I will walk into traffic if I don’t concentrate. I have written about my anger of not being diagnosed when I was a kid. The poor teacher’s. I had one teacher walk me to my chair,and literally sat me down in my chair. I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that when the medication wears off I am back to my symptom’s that are quite obvious to me,and other’s. I am a drummer,and I find it easier to play by ear then read music. I have thought after thought in my head like I’m not driving the bus. I have music in my head most the time. I can sit and watch youtube music video’s one after the other. Is that the same as a gammer? Am I addicted,or just trying to stay stimulated… I was drinking coffee,and Red Bull’s in the afternoon,and told my dr this. I am glad she bumped up my afternoon dose. I am still wrestling with myself on medication. I need it to survive it seems. Like I said,I have had friend’s,and family say..”did you take your med’s” and I said yes this morning. I know Consorta lasts 12 hrs but really? I seem to do good jamming with friend’s on the drum’s. It is fast pased,and I love to play. They say If you like to do something you will be more apt at paying attention. I am very glad I had a good talk with my Dr. I think that is the key to my well being. A little extra medication has gone a long way to help me cope. I still struggle on the medication though,like I am sure many do.


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    Remember to ask your doctor about trying wellbutrin. That might combine well with the ritalin and Concerta, of course the amounts are different with everyone.

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