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I think I have it but they don't. What do you think about that ?

I think I have it but they don't. What do you think about that ?2010-06-08T14:36:45+00:00

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    Hello everyone !

    Firstly, I must inform you that I speak French and write with a translator… ^^’ I will do my best to be clear but sorry if sometimes it isn’t.

    I’m living in Switzerland and even if hyperactivity is known, it’s another thing for TDA/H (Trouble du Déficit de l’Attention “avec ou sans” Hyperactivité = disorder deficit attention “with or without” hyperactivity, in french, like ADD in English)… I went to a polyclinic for have a diagnosis but they told me I talked too much about highschool : the symptoms must exist before the age of 7; and if I could stay some hours in front of a computer “without problem”, I could not be hyper. But if I don’t know how I was before 7 years and can’t do a static and boring task on the computer ?

    My problems :


    run, sing, shout when I have energy to spare and when I can externalize it (at home or in my youth group) ;

    have fidgetiness of feet and hands when all my attention is not taken (often ^^) ;

    feeling tired almost all the time (I had besides to take iron tablets because of a deficiency).


    forget or loses things often ;

    can go into my thoughts for several hours (luckily I control it much better than last year ^^) ;

    very often in the moon ;

    lack of attention especially when I have to do actions automatically (this was a problem for me when I played badminton and at this day to get my driver’s license) ;

    often loses the thread of what I’m saying ;

    have difficulty getting up in the morning (especially since some time when I don’t hear the 4 ringtones I program …) ;

    dissipate me very often when I have a job to do ;

    enormously difficult to put myself in a task that requires organization and trust in me ;

    ends only very rarely an important work (lack of organization, poor time management, dispersion) ;

    always ends my homework or tests last (when I was still in school).

    Secondary Symptoms :

    low esteem of myself ;

    procrastination ;

    passivity ;

    perfectionism ;

    high sensibility.

    Other :

    my brother was diagnosed TDAH (ADHD) ;

    my mother have similar problems than me ;

    Red Bull (“energy” drink) gives me the same effect as a tranquilizer.

    What do you think about all of that ?




    Patte Rosebank
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    Chere Niwa,

    From what you say, it definitely appears that you have ADHD. Especially if your brother was diagnosed with it, and your mother seems to have it.

    I suspect that you had those symptoms before the age of 7, but nobody noticed them. Girls with ADHD are often not diagnosed correctly because when they are little, they are more quiet. They don’t make trouble in school, so teachers don’t think the girls have a problem. They just think the girls are very good. Boys with ADHD are more likely to be hyperactive and disruptive. Teachers think this is a problem, so they give their attention to those boys.

    Your list describes me too. In school, I was always very quiet and studious, but if I had the answer, or a relevant story to tell, I’d raise my hand, desperate to tell the class. But when I was not in school, I was very excitable and hyper.

    I can spend hours at a computer. This is called “hyperfocus”, and people with ADHD can do it very well, if the task or subject is very interesting to us. But when we become bored with it, we leave it, even if it is not finished. I have many things that are not finished.

    Before my diagnosis, I was often very tired, and did not sleep well. My doctor thought I had depression, and then he thought that I had mild bipolar. A few months ago, I found out about ADHD, and when I took the tests, I scored very high. I realized that I was tired because I was struggling to fit into a “normal” world, and because my thoughts kept racing so much that I could not sleep well. And when you are struggling by day, and cannot sleep at night, you will be very tired!

    There is much new information about ADHD. Many doctors do not keep their knowledge current, so they do not know this new information. And they do not fully believe what patients tell them. But if your brother and your mother both go with you to the clinic and tell the doctor about the things you did when you were little, and about their own symptoms, the doctor will recognize that you have ADHD too. It is a genetic condition. My mother has symptoms of ADHD, that are worse than mine. But if my doctor had just looked at my school report cards from when I was very young, he would not have seen any evidence that I had ADHD.

    Bonne chance!


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    Hi Niwa,

    I can suggest the diagnostic test downloads that are available on the site: http://totallyadd.com/downloads/

    as well as the Virtual Test right on the home page.

    Good luck with everything!



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    Hello! =)

    Thank you for your answer, Larynxa! =) I’m glad that someone think it! ^^ I’m going to take a new appointment with a psychiatry for speak about it.

    Thank you for your answer too, Aerin. I already did these tests and that’s my results : http://www.box.net/shared/0eauoegfnz. I think I have an inattentive type most of the time and sometimes I’m a little bit hyper (when I need concentration or when I can be active, but not when I’m hyperfocus or entierly in my thoughts).

    I also did the Virutal Test but here the results are negative. Yet 8 questions by 9 on the inattentive type were positive…

    Thanks! =)


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