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    Been really struggling the last few weeks and wondering if anyone else has felt this way. Before I was diagnosed I was an easy going, kind hearted screw-up who got by, barely but got by, now that I have a diagnosis I find myself over thinking everything, stressing over little things and still struggling to get by. I’ve been working really hard on being a “responsible” grown up, paying my bills, keeping appointments and all the other things “responsible” people are supposed to do but I honestly feel crazier than ever. My moods feel like they are all over the place and I find myself wanting to shut down when I get overloaded and do nothing, thank god for my g/f who is understanding and tries to keep me motivated but how long should she have to suffer? I used to have anger issues which I have under control but have found my self feeling very on edge lately and that scares me.


    Hmm Rickster………….just because you now have a label……….imposed by others??? That maybe means something to you…….I don’t know…..maybe????? Maybe it’s just got you thinking……never a bad thing.

    When we gain new information sometimes it upsets our perception in our world……until we get it all rationalized again…..maybe??

    Your discomfort may be trying to send you a message…..I know when that happens to me, it’s time to stop, and pay attention. My discomfort is usually trying to tell me something…if I just stop and listen.

    that’s just me tho…..



    I can kinda relate to that Rickster,

    I think it’s the constant awareness – it just seems like so much effort after a while. I think maybe because we are learning to do things in a more routine way. After all those years of avoidance etc, suddenly we have to develop new habits. Perhaps because it’s not second nature ( yet I hope) it requires more mental effort. All that paying attention is more work than I thought I guess :-)


    True dat Nellie…….. but……I found heightened awareness became natural, just who I am. It’s kinda like I always had it but never knew. I actually like it, go figure!! I never notice till somebody says something…kinda like my tinnitus, often I don’t notice the ringing until somebody says” hey your ears ringing today”. Hmmmm….yup!!!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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