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I think I may need a Lawyer…help!!!

I think I may need a Lawyer…help!!!2010-04-08T18:28:15+00:00

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    Hello and help!

    My Ah ha moment came after watching the ADD and Loving it documentary in the fall. When I watched it I thought I was watching myself…it was incredible and I’m on quite the roller coster at this time. Needless to say, my life is in ruins. But, I’ve begun the process ( journey) of being diagnosed and self discovery. I’m on the waiting list to see Dr. Jain. I’m 34 right now.

    But I need help on another matter. Prior to all this, I was in a personal relationship with a lady producer and things went real bad. Suprise, surprise. I wanted to be a filmmaker all my life (I get the stagnation now on this and other things in my life) who ended up filming not much more than weddings videos and I was given a chance to work with this producer on getting a career together. It went bad-real bad. I feel like she went out her way to add on unnecessary grief. We have one last project to sort out. I am now facing the possibly of being entangled in a law suit. Does anyone know any Lawyers-Entertainment Lawyers (who are sensitive to Adults with ADHD) that I may be put in contact with. I’m stressed, overwhelmed and my anxieties are through the roof over this. I’m afraid to make another move. Afraid I’ll make things worse. Please Help. Thanks, Mark


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    It’s pretty hard to find Dr’s who are sensitive to ADHD. Lawyers might be a bit more difficult. That said, take someone with you to a lawyer and don’t put it off. If you can’t speak co-herently then write stuff down.. point form or have your friend help you condense things if you’re a rambler.

    I’m sorry this is happening to you.

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