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I want to quit my job.

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    2 bad ADHD weeks and a job I have never loved, and I want to quit. I have been there 9 months. It’s a great work environment, and I work for a great boss. I am definitely underpaid and not doing what I ever have any intention of doing, but I am fighting the urge to simply walk out. Any strategies on how to, I don’t know, not just show up? My salary, although tiny, really does help support my young family…


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    It’s easier to find another job when you are in a job so can you hang on and look for an alternative?

    On the other hand, a good boss and a great work environment are rare things so think it through carefully – hang off from that impulse to walk out. But, there must be something wrong to make you feel like that unless it is just due to the 2 bad weeks.  Can you pull a ‘sicky’ for a few days to recharge your batteries?



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    I quit a good job once, simply because after several years my (great) boss wouldn’t give me benefits. I felt insulted. Alas, it was a bad idea. Not that I quit, but that I hadn’t found another place to land before I jumped. If you need to move on, by all means go. But I wouldn’t do it precipitously. There was a time when you could say adios on Monday and have a new job by Friday. But those days are gone (for most people). Also, in the digital age, it’s much harder to reinvent yourself. You don’t want to act unprofessionally. Word gets around.
    Prudence. Take Scattybird’s advice——take a few days and think it through.

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