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Im not sure if im just a lazy weirdo or I have add. Please help!

Im not sure if im just a lazy weirdo or I have add. Please help!2018-03-06T01:16:54+00:00

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    Im a thirteen year old girl who is currently in middle school. Im very disorganized every time I open my locker half of it pours out. I have horrible memory and most people get offended when I can’t remember their name. I usually stuff my work into my backpack or textbooks and forget about it. I suck at instructions I mess up minor details and I look like an idiot. Im always either tapping my foot, rocking back and forth, chattering my teeth to a song, or doodling. I usually pace and imagine stuff when im holding an object in my hand. I stare off into space and imagine stuff in class and miss instructions. I always mange to loose stuff or leave it lying somewhere. I have terrible handwriting that people can barely read. I used to walk on my toes when I was little and now Im terrible at running and I have terrible balance. Im always jumping from hobby to hobby. I talk a lot and im awkward and weird in class. I Have been called autistic by my peers twice. I procrastinate until I have piles of homework to do. Sorry for this long list paragraph thingy.

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    That Guy with ADHD
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    Hi Moldyfeather,

    With the exception of your age amost everything you mentioned reminds me of myself. The thing that surprised me the most is the walking on my toes. I did that as a child and still do it today although my heals don’t quite lift as high as they used to back then. I had never heard anyone ever mention that trait before now and, like my ADHD, thought it was just me and how I was. The chattering teeth to a song was another one. Hey, this may sound gross but do you swish spit between your teeth to a tune in your head?

    Bad memory? Check…
    Disorganized? Check…
    Stare into space? Check…
    Lose stuff? Check…
    Bounce from hobby to hobby? Check…
    Procrastinate? Check…
    Called Autistic? Check…

    If I had to guess I would say that you were a good candidate for ADHD but one paragraph in an ADHD forum isn’t enough to tell for sure. It should be determined by a doctor who has training in the field of ADHD.

    If you do have ADHD there are things that you can do to improve things. It is widely accepted that diet and excersize can improve ADHD symptoms. Eat more protien especially in the morning and reduce your carbs, especially refined carbs like sugar, white bread, etc. Once you have been diagnosed you may be offered medication. It is often the first line of treatment and is very safe. My recommendation for you is to educate yourself about ADHD. This is a good start. There are also ADHD support groups in most cities. I personally found it helpful to hear stories from other people with experiences just like mine. If you like I can recommend some other websites, books, etc. that I found helpful.

    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. This is a pretty safe place to be. You are part of our community.

    Your friend

    AKA That Guy with ADHD

    Btw you write very well and by the number of edits I would bet you are well read and take pride in what you put to print. If you read through the forums you will see many posts much longer than yours. We don’t judge based on the length. Sometimes it can be theraputic to get the words out into the world.


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    Wow.. You sound juuust like me when I was your age.. HA! If you are for real, just know its gonna be okay!! Okay?! Seriously.. People suck and they aren’t always gonna “get” you but just forget about them. If you have a loving family, that really helps. Its gonna be alright!! 13 can be a challenging age in itself but just be yourself and do your best always. If you always do the right thing and try your best than how can you go wrong? Right? Even if you end up doing something wrong because you weren’t paying attention.. Just refocus, Apologize if needed and fake it til you make it!

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