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I'm putting this site in my PermaTabs

I'm putting this site in my PermaTabs2010-12-29T21:54:30+00:00

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    I use Firefox, and I keep a bookmarks list like everyone else. But anything I put into my bookmarks is just going into a black hole.

    I’m sure you understand.

    I use an add-on from Firefox called PermaTabs that preloads website tabs that I tag as permanent. Right now I have two permanent tabs; when I open Firefox, AOL and another site I want to look into deeper when I get the time one day pre-loads. Now I’m adding TotallyADD.

    It would be ironic, but I’ll probably end up forgetting about TotallyADD one day after an initial flurry of activity. I know me.

    I hope this tip helps others who are prone to lose track of good sites that you don’t necessarily use all the time, and bookmarks won’t help.

    If you’re currently a Firefox user, want to try preloaded tabs, but aren’t familiar with add-ons, then do this from your menu:

    * Click Tools, then Add-ons.

    * Click Browse All Add-ons from the pop-up menu.

    Then stop! Do not browse the newly opened Add Ons website, or you’ll end up playing for an hour, forgetting what you’re doing!! ;)

    * In the search field, type in PermaTabs and enter.

    * Click Add to Firefox from either PermaTabs Mod.

    * Restart your browser according to directions.

    * Reopen Firefox to the website page you want preloaded.

    * On the tab of the website, right-click.

    * Scroll to PermaTabs > Permanent Tab. Click it.

    * The tab will turn a pinkish-brownish. It’s permanent for as long as you want.

    * Organize the tabs by dragging left or right.

    * Lastly, click Tools, then PermaTabs Options to set your Rules. (good idea)

    Then, feel free to play around with other add ons. ;)

    Good luck.

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