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    ok, so i used to love to shop.

    it was a relief for me at times to just get stress out. i’d go impulse shopping and feel a little better, then i’d hit the parties or go dancing to relieve more tension.

    now, i’m older. and married and don’t have those luxuries anymore. and now… i loathe shopping.

    my hubby has drilled it into my head that i can’t impulse shop anymore. that i have to be of sound mind and make a wise decision.

    talk. about. pressure.

    now i just feel like “giving up” and letting him make all the purchases, b/c if it was solely up to me i’d just buy stuff without ever really doing any research and just be done with it. but nope. he expects me to research every aspect of things and find out the most information i can and… wait on deals!! aaaaaaaaaaaaah! me wait?!

    this is driving me nutso.

    we went through purchasing a new car together just fine. but now we’re onto furnishings for our new place. and later we’ll have to buy a home together. *faints with exhaustion*

    does anyone else have this problem still with impulsive tendencies and having to be more conscious of it? if so, what do you do to relieve the need for instant gratification?


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    Hi Veronica,

    As a former impulsive shopper, I now have a few strategies in my back pocket.

    One is to have a fun shop at value village- a binge there is usually a lot cheaper! I like to check out their books especially. Another thing I do is walk around a store like homesense, grab some stuff I want to buy impusively and then that guilty feeling usually starts to creep up about debt and not needing more “stuff”) and then I put it all back (or just park the cart and leave; sorry retail staff!)

    That seems to relieve my need to shop a bit without actually paying for anything, or paying quite a bit less.

    I also just try not to hit the malls as much because if I do it’s usually not pretty.

    And I’m not sure where you’re located, but a good website (canadian) to research deals is redflagdeals.com; there are tons of posts about what the best deals are going on for everything. That might save you some research time and make your hubby happy.

    I also usually get rid of my credit cards or just have one with a low limit. That helps to keep things in check a bit more.

    Hope that helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)