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In the process of getting diagnosed, feeling very confused and anxious!

In the process of getting diagnosed, feeling very confused and anxious!2019-10-03T21:24:01+00:00

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    Hi Everyone, 30 year old female, chaotic life, for about 10 years now I have been battling anxiety and depression, but nothing seemed to be fully effective, I am always seeing new psychiatrists and been diagnosed with so many different disorders; BPD, MDP, GAD, Complex PTSD, Adjustment Disorder etc. But I have said on a few occasions to my doctors, I think I might have had adhd as a child and they have just kind of acknowledged it but ignored it.
    Anyway, this year, I have had 5 car accidents at low speed, received 4 speeding fines for being about 6 -7km over the limit without realising and just thought to myself, I never seem to focus on what I am doing…. I seem to always be away in my thoughts and it is really impacting my life but I can’t seem to change.

    So I went to my psychiatrist and I said “ok, please hear me out, I don’t want this ignored” and he took me seriously and listened to my reasoning for why I think I have had un-diagnosed adhd since childhood and I don’t know if it remains an issue for adults but something needs to be done about my focus and concentration because it is the root cause of all my failures and problems. Accidents, failed courses, low self esteem, lack of consistent employment etc.

    The doctor said absolutely if you have un-diagnosed and untreated adhd it’s a problem that needs to be sorted. So he referred me to a neuropsychologist for 7 hours of psychometric testing. I my treatment team and the psych the symptoms causing biggest problems for me is; inability to read and retain information, sometimes having to read the same page over because I was away with my thoughts, little accidents (car, kitchen etc), racing thoughts, easily bored and loose interest, excessive talking (I exhaust my friends and family). In school my reports said, Jessica needs to spend less time talking and more time focusing, or could do so well if she paid attention etc. I could never understand why all the other kids seemed to know what they were supposed to be doing but I would get lost in a daydream or be too busy talking to my desk buddy and not complete the task.
    I feel like I have so much potential yet there is this academic and behavioural block preventing me from succeeding.
    And I tend to get along with children quite well because I feel like a child myself sometimes!

    Anyway the neuropsychologist called me the other day and said she has not finished scoring yet, but it’s not pointing directly to adhd, she said her findings so far is my processing speed is slow, reading comprehension is slow and working memory is average.

    I am so confused because my doctor started me on 5mg ritalin twice a day and it calms my body down (I can sit still for significant periods rather than being fidgety and restless) and my anxiety completely goes away!

    If the diagnosis comes back negative to adhd I will be so disappointed because I thought I finally had an answer to why I have been different all my life and now able to get treatment and succeed.

    Has anyone else had trouble getting diagnosed?


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    Hi Mrsfletch

    I’m a 52 yer old guy in the UK and I’m at the same point as you. Started having what seemed like memory related issued generally, say my doctor who did some simple tests and agreed that something wasn’t quite right. Referred me to specialists who ran something similar. About 5 hours of psychometric testing later, I find out that the problems weren’t with memory but attention or rather inattention.

    Then read Ricks book “ADD Stole My Car Keys” and totally identify. Like you, my symptoms go back to when I was around 6 years old and had exactly the same experiences and comments at school that you had.

    There is absolutely no doubt that ADHD is a life long condition and I am currently on a waiting list to see an ADHD/Autism specialist. THey aren’t very common in the UK so I’m having to go outside of my local area for the assessment.

    I feel like I finally understand who I am and why I’m the way that I am and like you, will be very disappointed if I don’t get diagnosed. But we have to just trust in the medical profession, I guess, to recognise the symptoms.

    Good luck with your journey. Like you I just want to know so that I can start to do something about it.

    Let us know how you get on.


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    Hi mrsfletch 🙂

    I am 28 and in a similar situation. I am getting concerta but I still dont have the diagnos. I am sorry to hear about this and I can really relate!

    “I feel like I have so much potential yet there is this academic and behavioural block preventing me from succeeding.”

    This is like, thank god I am not the only one feeling like this! Its like you have an amazing idea for example a movie, you have everything but OH you forgot to charge the camera battery and people are like, how can you forget something like that? That are things you just remember!

    It is a lot shame really with that kinda stuff.

    I hope your life can get better! You are not alone.

    I feel like if I dont have adhd, then what is wrong with me? But yeah, we have to remember that as long as we get help for our symptoms it doesn’t matter what the paper say.

    Sounds good with ritalin? I have problem with concerta. It makes me even worse even though it worked excellent in the beginning.

    Best regards,


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    Thanks for the replies!
    Update – Diagnosis came back ADHD with slow processing speed and comorbid anxiety/sensitivities. Started concerta today, it seemed to work well, I hope it continues to do so.

    I’m glad I am not the only one and I now have some answers!!

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