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    Could you recommend a good resource for inattentive ADD?

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    Hi, I have just been diagnosed with inattentive ADD.There does not seem to be much info out there on this type, I too would appreciate a good resource.It is difficult trying to explain to folks around me who have never heard of it when I do not understand it myself.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

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    I bought a book! I think it helps. its one of the ones from the video… Lazy, Stupid, crazy. Give it a try.

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    Thanks for that recomendation, I have just bought the book that you mentioned.

    Over the last couple of weeks I have been madly trying to find out any information I can concerning inattentive ADD. After reading three books( Lazy,Stupid, Crazy will be the next ) and searching online I realize that according to most other people’s testimonials I do not share a lot of the same traits.

    I do have one burning question which in all of my searching so far, have not been able to find the anwer. Work for me is becoming increasingly stressful due to the necessity of completing flow sheets throughout the day. Everything I do must be documented in a specific way and the documentation is ongoing all day long.

    .I constantly miss boxes, put numbers into an incorrect box, write the date format wrongly, miss adding my initials ect.ect……………The frustrating thing is, I check my work over as much as pos. before it leaves the unit ( other staff do not ) and I still do not pick up on a lot of the errors! Most folks make mistakes too, but I make the most by far, despite a huge extra effort not to.I am highly motivated not to make errors. My work is important to me. I am constantly told to slow down or to check my work…………I do check my work……….does anyone else have the same problem? not so much with the organization of paperwork, ( which I am not good at either ) but with filling it in completely and with accuracy? why do I not see when there are obviouse blank boxes or incorrect entries?

    Thank you for any responses

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    Hello Marg, i can absolutely relate to you and it drives me crazy as well. I find that the meds help and creating habits like not sending out an email chout before i’ve read it over at least twice. I don’t know how much you have read but there is a greater-than average that you have add and dsylexia…it can come hand in hand. I believe that there is 75% that a learning difficulty is part of the add. I would have to say to you first is check your med’s first…you could be on the wrong dosage or I would say talk out loud to yourself as well. It drives my family and assistant crazy but at the end it helps out our organization. I’m self employed and I have an excellent assistant who manages me beautifully…she will let me know when I have toooo much on my desk as well as if I’m doing to much at one time. I would suggest that you create a team environment so that someone can look over it or just remind you to slow down or let you know that you have to much on the go or even if you are being inattentive. One of my daughters is inattentive and my other daughter and I are hyper/inattentive…I have to remind my inattentive daughter that she is being inattentive and then she pops out of it and sometimes she is ready to kill me because she feels picked on. It is a fine line and I’m getting better at speaking with her about it. Hyperactivity I find difficult because I’m running like a motor…yuck!! I have to really watch both of us…if I start cleaning the house I can clean it from top to bottom be obssesive about it and drive everyone crazy. I really feel sorry for my inattentive daughter because everyone says she can be spacey and I know it bothers her and I have to really watch I don’t say something that isn’t nice because she doesn’t have passion like my other daughter and I have…I want to be excited and hurry it up so that we can get out the door…usually we are waiting for her. She has gotten better though…I hope this help.

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    Hello there, thanks.I am wondering, do you think that the reason I have an awful track record for not being able to complete forms accuratly and completely despite a super human effort to do so is due to possible dyslexia and not ADD?

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    I’m not really sure but It could be the combination of both or just add…my suggestion is to talk that over with your doctor. I did realize that I went on a tangent with my post but really what I wanted to get across was that it is important to stay on top of what you want to accomplish by educating those around you on what you need otherwise you are left a lone to tackle it…and it can be over-whelming and a self-defeating experience. There is always a fine line to educating everyone because you might find they micro-manage you and it becomes frustrating for you but yet they want to be supportive.

    Hope this helps


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    Thank you so much for your replys.

    What you say does make sense.I have been micro- managed for a short time but became obviously stressed to the max. and that only made matters worse so I have been given a bit of slack. My collegues are a great bunch of people however they do not understand why I miss my initials off forms leave a gaps on flow sheets ect. ect. The frustrating thing is niether do I ! Sometimes forms with small errors ( usually the errors are small but there are a lot of them) are brought back to me and it seems like magic that the form has a gap where I am positive I filled it in.

    You touched on a lot of issues that I would love to chat about but I do not want to be too lengthy.

    I think I am in denial, was diagnosed in January and every day try to rationalize away my ADD I am not sure why , usually every day I am reminded that I do in fact have it. Today I forgot to buy what I went to the shop for! my last day off I went for a swim and forgot my bathing suit…………….I am athletic and very active despite being diagnosed with the inattentive subtype which confuses me.

    I think you are right about my needing to talk to my Dr.

    I appreciate your info and your help, it’s great that you are out there.Thank you also to ‘Head in the Highlands, am reading the book you recommended, it is very informative.

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    That’s me too. One point the original show picked up on: find the right career. Numbers and spreadsheets are pure poison for me, maybe you two also. Try working at getting another job that is not involved with numbers, crunching, deadlines, and such. Jim – yes I realize far easier said than done.

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    Hello there, I just looked at the talk by Sir Ken Robinson.The link is posted on the site discussing exercise and the brain ( sorry I forgot the name of the person who posted it ) Anyway what a wonderful speaker and what an important message.He illustrates how important t is not to squash creativity within the education system. Human beings all have talent but in different areas. ( not everyone is brilliant at filling in flow sheets!!)

    In relation to your reply JimC,yes I agree a job more suited to my strengths would be the way to go.I am currently trying hard to find one.Its difficult as you know.My current job is perfect except for the paperwork which is colossal.The above speaker has inspired me to look ‘out of the box’ for that job.

    Currently work is becoming worse.A few days ago I arranged a meeting with my boss and disclosed that I have ADD.Now I really am in hot water.My boss had not heard of ADD but did say that if I had not come to see her she would have asked for a meeting with me due to the amount of documentation errors that I make.I am going to be more closely monitored ( didn’t think that was possible) and improvement is expected.

    I led my boss to believe that with more effort there will be improvement.Deep down though I know I cannot try any harder, I am already giving 150%

    My errors are charted on a graph along with everyone else’s.Apparently I soar way above the rest! I am not taking meds at the moment.

    Regarding inattentive ADD.Do people find significant improvement with medication? its just that I have come across a lot of people who seem to have a lot of side effects with only a small amount of improvement.

    I also wonder if in general medication helps one group more than the other in regard to ADD and ADHD? I am still learning about the whole subject of attention deficit disorder.

    Lastly the reason that I am so hesitant to take meds ( concerta has been prescribed) is that despite the incredible amount of stress at work , I do enjoy my time off.I am very active and love the outdoors, despite my age-49 I enjoy pushing myself to the max.I have not seen any research from a cardiologist point of view regarding concerta/stimulant meds and there safety with extreme exercise.My Dr. did do a baseline blood pressure but at the time I was sooo stressed, I had so many questions for him within a very short appointment time, so my baseline b/p was fairly high and not very acurate.

    Thank you for any thoughts that anyone may have.

    Patte Rosebank
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    Marg, do you live in a place where ADD is classed as a disability? If so, then your company could be on very shaky ground if you disclosed your disability and asked for accommodation for it (like, maybe assigning you an assistant to handle the paperwork, so you could focus on the part of the job that you can do), but the company responded by threatening termination—or went so far as to actually terminate your employment.

    In Canada, you wouldn’t need to hire a lawyer and sue the company; all you’d have to do is file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission, and prove that the company failed to act appropriately when you disclosed your disability and asked for accommodation. I had to do this, about 12 years ago, after I’d been diagnosed with clinical depression, and transferred to a real bully of a boss. My complaint dragged on for 3 years, but the Commission eventually persuaded my former employer that it would be in the employer’s best interests to settle, as the Commission wasn’t too happy with how the company had handled my situation.

    Since your job is causing you so much stress that it’s affecting your overall health (and anxiety-induced high blood pressure is very serious), you may want to request a medical leave of absence. You’ll need a letter from your doctor to prove that you need that leave. It will also make it easier for you to try different medications, to see which works for you. That’s stressful enough, but when you’re also struggling with a very high-pressure job at the same time, it can make things a lot more difficult for you.

    I strongly recommend that you take detailed notes (secretly, but as soon as possible after any unpleasant situations), and keep looking for a different job. There are organizations which help those with disabilities to find appropriate jobs. I’m not talking about basket-weaving or stringing beads. I’m talking about real jobs with a future.

    Usually, the non-profit sector is far more open to hiring people with disabilities, and making accommodations to help them. In Canada, there’s a website called Charity Village, which lists all sorts of jobs in the non-profit sector. These jobs generally pay less than private-sector jobs, but they’re generally much more satisfying jobs, because you’re not just collecting a paycheque; you’re helping to make the world a better place.

    Could it be that you’re using the extreme exercise as a form of self-medication? Exercise does clear the mind and give you a great shot of adrenaline, but if you take it to extremes, you may actually be harming yourself—especially if your heart is already pumping so hard that you have high blood pressure. You may find that, once you’re on the right medication, you won’t need to push yourself to the max.

    Finally, don’t discount the effectiveness of medications. Your questions and concerns about them are valid, but you mustn’t let those concerns prevent you from taking advantage of all that they can do to help you. Since your doctor has prescribed Concerta, take the prescription (and a list of your questions about it) to your pharmacy. Most pharmacies encourage you to sit down and discuss all your medications with them. They have the training (and the huge reference books) to give you the answers you need.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Larynxa,A huge ‘Thank You’ for your reply. What you said was really useful. I do live in Canada and my boss is aware that I have a disability ( I also have dyslexia-mild ) .Dyslexia is a little more talked about and she could relate to that but did not seem to have any understanding of ADD. My work place is a little unusual in that the paperwork is not only report type work but throughout the day almost every movement I make is documented, it would be impossible for any other person to do that for me.

    My position is ‘casual’ meaning that I fill in for sick time, vacation etc. There is always a lot of work but recently I have reduced my own hrs. until I manage to get a grasp of things regarding my ADD.I do not qualify for stress or sick leave due to my casual position.

    It is very true that my exercising is also a form of self medicating, I have known that for ages but just did not know why . Also though I do have a passion for the outdoors so the two go hand in hand and make me happy .

    I did look up the link for Charity Village and will keep my eye on their job listings, thank you so much .Also I have the prescription for concerta here next to me…….I am looking at it ……..it’s already been for a trip to the pharmacy with me but I brought it back home again!

    I appreciate what you said about taking advantage of the help that medication could bring .I am going to take this prescription out with me again!!

    I admire you very much for standing up to an unreasonable boss and for not giving up, that is difficult to do especially when you are already having a hard time with depression.I am glad it was resolved in your favour.

    Thanks again for your reply.

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    The Inattentive subtype is often an internalizing effect so that the person is at much higher risk of things like anxiety, depression, substance use (alcohol) and lack of motivation.

    Anything that pumps more blood to the head, and anything that helps to expel bad thoughts will help.

    LET IT GO is your mantra!

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