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Internet addiction of the Facebook variety

Internet addiction of the Facebook variety2017-03-28T20:36:21+00:00

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    Today I was turned down by my bank for a debt consolidation loan. The guy said something about how they look at how I’ve been spending my money, and he asked if all those Facebook purchases were really mine.
    Well, we all know about impulsivity, right? But until I got called on it I had completely lost track of just HOW impulsive I had been, wasting REAL MONEY on a stupid Facebook game!
    I just went through all my bank statements from September 1st to now and what I discovered was REALLY scary.
    I have wasted roughly $3,300 over the last 7 months. I could really use that money for silly things like RENT right now! (trying to scrape together first and last)
    It averages nearly $470 a month!
    Last summer I had a bunch of spare money thanks to a settlement with our old landlord but this is just crazy. I uninstalled the game even before I had done the math but jeez.
    I’m sharing this here in case anybody else is struggling with this type of thing. Strength in numbers and all that.


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    Thanks for the warning BuxomDiva.  I have spent some money on impulse too but haven’t fallen into the Facebook trap.  They sure make it easy to buy and hard to keep track of.


    That Guy With ADD


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    Addiction risk comes with our dopamine deficiency. Keep that in mind when you carry cash or have access to alcohol/drugs. It is what it is. No finger pointing, just that’s why I don’t keep any of these things conveniently in the house. I don’t go near malls anymore. If I walk, it’s a nature walk, and I leave my bank card at home. I also stay away from LCBO and have switched to flavoured green tea. I cancelled my facebook account and joined futurelearn (free online courses) and public library. I have a crossword puzzle addiction as well. Nobody gets hurt and I haven’t died from boredom.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)