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    I have an invisible disability you can’t see it by just looking at me. So how can you judge me based on what you think you see. Unless you walk the proverbial “mile” in my shoes you’ll never know what it is like. I am not able, at this point anyways, to predict or fully control my symptoms and their untimely onslaughts. What I think the key should be is that despite my invisible partner I continue to fight to take that next step forward towards sanity. Always know my actions belie my true intentions. I believe in doing what is right all of the time. So please try to understand that I am constantly battling for position with my disability. I am constantly misconstrued, albeit, oftentimes rightly so considering my actions and even my words. Just know, I know, I can be, and oftentimes are a pain to deal with. All I ask is that you try to look past my disability, the best that you can, and see the person hidden behind it.


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    I’m looking forward to the day that technology can either crack open your head and suck out the neurotransmitters or that we have a genetic marker so that what appears invisible is visible for people to begin the process of understanding. In the meantime, we all have to fight the battles, one at a time.


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    Dr. J. We have had that technology for thousands of years. It started with the leg bone of an antelope or something like that! ;)

    What we lack is the technology to process the information we get from someone’s open skull.

    The world according to Shutterbug would have Star Trek like “sensors” that would pull that information without all the messy skull-smashing, drilling (and needles. I hate needles… have I told you I hate needles… don’t get me started about needles) and stuff.

    Couldn’t they use EEG’s and Functional MRI’s or modify them to detect how ADD brains process information compared to “normal” brains?

    I would use that information to build a virtual ADD world so people without this affliction can experience first-hand, what it is like to be ADD. I would call it the “ADD Simulator” where you too could have ADD for a day.


    I would volunteer as a test subject, if it would help the medical community understand ADHD. I truly think there is much more to be learned about ADD.


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    Actually, we already do have that, it’s called sleep deprivation. Have people go without sleep for a day or two and then try and go about their day as normal. Oh with the added benefit of having others urge them on with “try harder”.

    or, researchers could continue their quest for the adhd holy grail, a bio marker.

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