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Is it Bi-polar II or ADD rather than both?

Is it Bi-polar II or ADD rather than both?2010-11-28T14:57:06+00:00

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    After watching everything on this site, I’m wondering if my diagnosis of BP II could be inaccurate? My medication is generally good, but there is still the inability to focus and some impulsivity and restlessness.

    I am loath to add yet another drug to the 4 I am now taking. At peri-menopause, the BP II showed up mostly as anxiety/depression. Before these symptoms there were a couple of episodes of cycling. These symptoms never were expressed before hormonal changes.

    It would be wonderful to be able to control symptoms with one med rather than 4! I am post-menopausal now and don’t know how much hormones play into this brain chemistry and medication mix. Most symptoms are controlled with lamictal, trileptal, and small amounts of lorazepam for breathing problems.

    Thoughts on this would be especially helpful before I go back to my prescribing dr. soon. Insurance won’t pay for the ADD test, though my prescribing dr. suspects ADD as well as the cyclic mood disorder (BP II). Now I’m not so sure about the BP II dx.

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