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Is mood supposed to have a strong affect on ADD?

Is mood supposed to have a strong affect on ADD?2014-04-01T17:09:06+00:00

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    When I am sad or nervous or sometimes angry I find that the effects of ADD to be much worse than if I feel happy. Unfortunately it has been rare in my life to feel happy for any great length of time. I do still experience symptoms of ADD if I am happy(still screw up at my job) but it is lessened, I feel more spirited in doing things that I would usually procrastinate. Overall I just find I’m less likely to screw up and more motivated if I’m happy. Being happy isn’t an instant ADD cure for me but it reduces the effects. I’m just wondering if it’s supposed to. Still not 100% sure that I have ADD, so that’s why I ask. I know I should go get diagnosed an stuff but ya,kno.. ADD..


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    I am sure there are affects. A person’s mood can affect serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine, as well as a few others. There are more than a few papers on this.

    Conversely, these chemicals affect your mood, which is why there are so many drug addicts out there. So mood and these hormones are linked. On the positive side, meditation is supposed to help. I am heavily on the “H” side of ADHD, so meditation is more torture than anything else.

    ADD drug treatment programs use formulations that boost one or more of these hormones to reduce the symptoms of ADD.

    Beyond the connection of mood and ADD symptoms. I always look at what got me in the mood to begin with. I will brood over that thing and that thought pattern is it’s own distraction. I brood, I forget other things, I get more “moody” because things aren’t going right, I brood more, I forget more things, I get even MORE….

    For me, It isn’t just the mood, but what my mind is working on at the time.





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    Strong emotions have an affect on anyone’s ability to concentrate. It makes sense that they would have a stronger effect on someone with ADD.

    I may be more motivated when I’m happy, but I’m no less likely to screw up. Sometimes it’s the complete opposite. I feel good so I just go about my day, feeling good, until the end of the day comes and and it turns out I forgot half of what I was supposed to do and never got around to doing half of what I did remember.

    One of three things happens: 1) I get really relaxed and just sort of start to drift and forget that time exists and that it keeps moving even if I don’t. 2) I hyperfocus because suddenly I feel like doing that big yucky job that I have been avoiding and I spend so long on that one thing that I don’t have any time left. 3) I become invincible and capable of doing the work of 10 people all by myself…..In my mind. In reality, not so much.

    I’m fighting off #3 right now. I have managed to convince myself 2 or 3 times today that I should start a massive cleaning blitz tomorrow morning and just clean EVERYTHING all in one day. But I have to keep reminding myself this is a bad idea. I am just recovering from being sick, still feeling pretty tired, not even eating properly yet….Now is not the time to do this. I can’t possibly do it all in one day under any circumstances, no matter how much I think I can.

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