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    Hey Pete_P….you still out there???



    Every “it’s a gift” person I talk with, and they all had the hyper part 😀
    I haven’t heard 1 person with severe debilitated ADD alone – saying it’s a gift
    The aha moment for me was – the well regulated ADHD person has the energy and drive of a super human in comparison with ADD 😀

    That Guy with ADHD

    At this stage in my ADHD journey I would agree with you 100% missmenow. I haven’t personally heard anyone say it was a “gift” and those that manage through have an extraordinary drive. I admit to having drive too but my ADHD has gotten in the way more times than it has propelled me forward. Yes, there are times when I hyper focus but rarely does it happen on a task I’m supposed to be doing. I guess it might be different if I had a job that was exciting every day. Instead I’m behind my computer all day working on spreadsheets. :~

    AKA That Guy with ADHD


    Howdy, all, I’m new. 67 this year. First inkling was 28 years ago when my boy was diagnosed at the age of six.
    The doc gave us the news, (my wife, her folks, and me), then said “it’s usually hereditary.” Every eye in the room turned to me, and I’m standing there going “What?” I ignored it for those 28 years, but now I’m retired and have the time to read and learn.
    Folks, this is GREAT!
    I now can recognize many of the traits in myself that I always thought was creeping insanity, and see why a lot has happened.
    I would like to offer a good trait that we have that the flat lander doesn’t. Adaptability.
    Anyone with add/adhd knows we deal with at least a dozen parallel thought processes at any time, and can change direction BEFORE the drop of a hat.The non adder deals with three. Maybe. If change comes suddenly, we definitely have the advantage.
    Thanks to all for helping me learn. This is so cool. Perhaps only because of fresh discovery, but tools are tools. If someone give you a tool kit, you don’t go back to rocks and bones.



    I have ADHD and was diagnosed with it when I was about 6. My mom simply didnt see it as something that actually had to be dealt with or addressed in any way even though i have pretty much every symptom. Its like I always knew I had it but didnt know what it was or how it was affecting my life. Im now 23 and im realizing that pretty much evrything thats wrong with me was caused by this.
    And Im really really angry about it and at my mom and i dont know what to do now. I have problems with work, friends, getting things done, eating disorders, depression, anxiety… Ive never talked about any of this but i guess here is a good spot. How do i deal with this? I dont know what im supposed to do now.


    I’ve read that one’s priorities are heavily interest-based if you have ADD, and when “Monty Python” became a big deal in the US, whereas other fans might have stopped with Python, I sought out other British comedians who were barely ever on in the US, and when I go to England I can impress the people there with my impressions of them.

Viewing 6 posts - 121 through 126 (of 126 total)
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