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Is this ADD or something else?

Is this ADD or something else?2011-02-05T08:32:17+00:00

The Forums Forums What is it? Do I Have it? Is this ADD or something else?

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    I have great difficulty following and remembering dance steps or for that matter any type of hand and foot movement. I once tried taking dancing lessons. My dance instructor was a real nice looking chick. I really liked her, but when she tried to teach me how to dance. I fell apart. She would show me a dance step, and ask me to repeat it. I couldn’t do it. She would then talk to me and explain further. I could see her lips moving, I could hear her voice, but I couldn’t process what she was saying. I was so embarrassed. I just walked out and never came back. Same thing happened to me when I tried to learn karate.

    I read a number of postings on this forum of people learning karate. So they must have been able to follow and remember hand and foot movement. What I would like to know is this ADD or do I also have some other type of learning disability?

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