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It's Official: People With More Self Control Are Happier

It's Official: People With More Self Control Are Happier2013-07-02T23:03:09+00:00

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    The researchers weigh in——it turns out that self control is preferable to impulsivity, if happiness is the goal. Well, I’m sure glad we got that sorted out.


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    Wow that article taught me a few things. Firstly, people have an inner battle about eating ‘that second piece of cake’. So am I missing something ……I am both impulsive and have self control sometimes and not others. But I’d eat the piece of cake because I’d want to eat it…..or not, if I didn’t want it. I wouldn’t have an inner battle over it. If that’s the best example of self control then ….well….just well!

    Some of the best things in my life have been bought/collected/done on impulse. With ADD, if  I didn’t do it on impulse it would never get done. So my forthcoming holiday was an impulse purchase, so were my dogs, my motorbike……etc.  All of these have added to my happiness.

    Admittedly some impulse ‘things’ have got me into trouble and a little self control might have helped…..but when the most ‘in control’ person I know tells me I make him feel his life is boring then hurrah for impulse.

    We’ll skip lightly over the impulsive spending that got me into debt or the impulsive house renovation that is going to cost thousands to put right…….

    Depends what one’s definition of happiness is.  I reckon the really self controlled must only be contented. How can they experience happiness if everything is planned?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)