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I've HAD the diagnosis just never quite bought into it — until now

I've HAD the diagnosis just never quite bought into it — until now2012-09-17T04:41:44+00:00

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    ADD/ADHD runs on the distaff side of my family. My mom first suspected that it was genetic; she always said that I certainly “hyperactive” and that she probably had it as well. My younger sister was the right age in the late 60’s to get a diagnosis and some supportive schooling even though my dad never bought into it as a disorder.

    Two years ago, I started seeing a psychiatrist because my primary doc didn’t want to help with a diagnosis or manage meds. I seem to remember taking the same American Psychiatric test and being being told that I fit the profile and the psychiatrist put me on Ritalin. But, being ADHD, it was always hit-or-miss as to whether I’d remember to take it on schedule. He DID say that my primary had significantly “under-medicated” me. No wonder I could never see a difference! I also had had on/off bouts of depression, so, I began to wonder if depression wasn’t more the culprit. Of course that led to drama, indecision, inaction, and no improvement.

    Last week, I saw “ADD & Loving It!?” and spent the whole telecast in a state of “deja vu all over” again. Probably 90% of my life showed up somewhere in the presentation. The best part was that the film made a case for me to go back on the meds (recent rx sitting in the medicine cabinet) and STAY on them. With the short-acting Ritalin, it’s out of the system in just hours and my husband can nail it to the minute! Always could and I always dismissed it because he’s not great at explaining just what he sees that changes.

    In addition, not just one light bulb but a whole studio full of lights came on for me when I realized that my depression had probably always be secondary to the ADHD and explaining why I had never responded to anti-depressants for more than a few weeks at a time.

    I’m new here and have so much more to say (yes, I do want to talk too much) but suffice it to say I’m happy to find a community of individuals intent on taking advantage of their extraordinary mental talents and working to improve their relationships with the world around all of us.


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    Hi – welcome. I found it took me a while to ‘buy into it’ too. I have accepted it now and just get on with things. Less naval gazing than even a few weeks ago.

    Interestingly, the change came when I started taking my Ritalin regularly – not sure which came first – a bit chicken and egg I suppose. Did finally accepting make me just take it daily, or did taking it daily help with acceptance?

    Anyway, I take fast acting Ritalin and it lasts about 3 hours, although I notice the peak in that time. It suits me though at the moment.

    I’d be interested to know how you get on with the xr. There are a few threads on the forum about Concerta that you might be interested in?

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