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    so as i’ve been pondering things/experiences in my life, and learning more about adhd, and relating what i know with what i’m learning and so forth i came up with a few q’s that, well, just make me curious.

    first, on the topic that adhd has been passed on as something that was good for survival, for example traits needed to be successful hunters, is it also common for people with adhd to have “hunters’ thumbs”? was just thinking wouldn’t that be interesting if there was this physical (musculoskeletal) correlation with the brain traits

    the other thing i’m curious about is , while i know that people with adhd have a tendency to self medicate(knowingly or not), including use of illegal substances, can serious drug abuse also cause adhd? i was thinking about my brother’s x, who (now that i know more about this condition) seems to have a lot of the add presentations. he has told me before that he thinks that there were some permanent brain changes from her previous heroine addiction. so, would the adhd thing been definitely present before the drug abuse or could the drug abuse have caused brain injury that cause symptoms of add? maybe this is a chicken and egg kind of thing?

    anyway, was just curious :)

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