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    This past winter i had a major depressive epesode, read nervious breakdown, and have been seeing a psych every month since. Last month the Doc blurted out “Are you ADHD?” to which i think to my self, “No you Idoit, i would have told you when you first assessed me.” out loud t said no. in my head i’m a lot ruder then when i speek. turns out i have innattentive ADD. Reading over a lot of the symptoms was like a lot of ah ha moments. so much now makes sense. i knew i could do better in school, it wasn’t that it was hard it was an interest thing with me. i day dream all the time not because i’m avoiding the real world. its like a cloud has lifted. yesterday i took my first dose of strattera. i’m still a bit scared, i think it the change though. i don’t like change and go to lengths to avoid it. i know now it will be ok and that i realy don’t have to worry about things. i’m not stupid. but i have a question for all you ladies, pms. any women out there who are on strattera and have VERY SEVEARE pms symptoms? i would like to know if there is anything i could expext or if the meds have no effect on pms. thanks


    Patte Rosebank
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    Please post this question in the “Ask an Expert” part of the forum, or send it as a message to Dr. J. (info@totallyadd.com). He’s in a better position to give you the right answer.

    PMS is caused when your hormones go out-of-whack. Having ADD (and the hypersensitivities that go with it) often means that your PMS will feel a lot worse anyway. If that’s the case, then treating your ADD should actually decrease your PMS symptoms.

    But confirm this with a doctor or pharmacist. They have a “big blue book”, which has all the necessary information on every drug that’s on the market. If there’s a PMS-related side effect to Strattera, it’ll be in that book.


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    For the first part of curlysue’s post I can relate–My journey started this past winter with severe depression around the holidays. I’ve NEVER been depressed around the holidays before, and there was ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for me to have gone through it in 2009.

    But I did. I got through it and started re-examining things in my life and that’s how I figured out (obviously with some help) the ADD part. It’s the inattentive variety, just like curlysue.


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    Hi all-this is new to me as I was just diagnosed Tuesday of last week! It all started with a trip to the states with my sister and mother. We started chatting about younger years and the mistakes I always seemed to make. My mom blurted out that she always thought I had ADD, but nothing was done to further this hypothesis. So being the responsible 30 yr. old woman I am, searched the internet and found a great dr. by the name of Tim Bilkey in Barrie (where I live). He did a one on one session with me to ask the questions as to why I was there those type, gave me homework style tests to do and also wanted to have a session with my husband and mother.

    Long story short, I have ADD and depression. I find it hard to focus on many things and now I’m just frustrated at the years where I had no clue. I’ve heard that this is common amoung people who get their diagnosis later in life (mind you, being 30 and finding out isn’t quite as hard as I’m sure others who are older with children have). I just wonder now where my path is to lead? I don’t enjoy my profession as it takes a lot of concentration to avoid errors (Human Resources) and I don’t feel very creative in my work. I’d like to learn more about what my strengths are and how best to apply them to a job. Does anyone have suggestions or ideas? I am open to travel to the GTA or Toronto to procede with treatment options as well.

    I have found this website to be extremely useful and helpful and I am hoping with these forums to share in our journey together!

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