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Just got 18/18 on Virtual Doctor

Just got 18/18 on Virtual Doctor2013-03-20T01:44:01+00:00

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    Phew, that was long! I really wished there was a “skip” button but I guess if there was everyone would have clicked it.

    He was funny though at times.

    So…I just got 9/9 on both, making it 18/18. That’s hybrid?

    His “welcome to the world of ADHD” made it that much more real for me.

    I’ve suspected it for a while, but…how do I know that this isn’t just “normal” to have.


    Guess I’ll have to find a doctor to double check some time. No matter what test I do online I get pretty much “full marks” ….. if only this was true for school T-T


    Ironically, I’m in a Masters program at one of the most prestigious universities, yet I’m struggling to focus of course.


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    I’m also an “ENFP” …. and a quick google search shows that lots of ENFP’s are either “mistaken” or “correctly” diagnosed as having ADHD.

    Know much about this?


    Patte Rosebank
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    Welcome, @Boscot !

    I’ll bet this is one of the first tests you’ve ever taken, where you’ve not quite known how to react to getting a perfect score.  You can save & print out the test results, so you can take them with you when you go to see a doctor.  That way, you’ll have plenty of answers to the inevitable, “So, what makes you think you might have ADHD?” question.

    I’m going to be learning more about the MBTI, so I’m going to be keeping my eyes open for any links between particular types and ADHD, and whether or not this is coincidental or proven.

    I’m an INFJ (the rarest type, made up of all the people who don’t fit any of the other types).  My brother is an INTJ (the second-rarest type).  We’re so similar, that we can understand each other, and help each other, amazingly well.  It’s even more amazing, when you consider how much we used to hate each other when we were little.

    I scored high for ADHD – Combined Subtype.  My brother doesn’t have ADHD.  He’s always said that I’m much smarter than he is…but he’s the one with the MBA and the solid career with huge paycheque & full benefits.  And he’s written & published TWO books!  Clearly, “smarts” aren’t enough.  It’s how well you can use them.


    Speaking of “smarts”, what sort of Masters degree are you pursuing?

    My BA (English) was so hard for me to get (due to the lack of structure, which led to a lack of motivation), that I had to do it part-time.  And I still have recurring nightmares of getting a letter from the university saying, “We made a mistake.  You still need one more credit to graduate.”

    If only we’d known then that I have ADHD, I could have gotten the help I needed to do so much better!

    Most universities have student assistance programs, with on-staff counsellors and psychologists.  These services are often included in your student fees.

    Maybe these services can help you to get a diagnosis and give you some help with your study issues.  Why not look into them?

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