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just joined.please,do i have adhd ???

just joined.please,do i have adhd ???2013-05-03T19:57:21+00:00

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    ok,im angry,lose my temper very easily,then cant understand why the people ive got angryangry about are still upset,when now im fine.cannot keep still,cannot ever relax,have difficulty in keeping track of what someone is talking to me about.bad memory.always coming up with different ways of making a living,or having ideas that are the best  ever,and cannot stop thinking about them,until someone reminds me this is my plan number 198.mind is never ever quiet,always thinking and repeating coversations or situations in my head.some twitches and tics.i am an alien,there is no one who thinks like me.stressed,frustrated very easily.cannot keep still.very emotionally sensitive,yet find it hard to understand other people when they get upset.terrible road rage.cannot read a page of a book without jumping lines,racing to reach the bottom.procrastination.low self esteem.sad.bills iled up in drawers,not doing anything about them,till threatened with bailiffs.fidgiting.daydreaming.no job satisfaction,always looking for something different to do.

    this isnt even half of it….im 46,do i have adhd ??


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    Only a doctor can provide a diagnosis. But you might want to read this:

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