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Just started Vyvanse – I have questions

Just started Vyvanse – I have questions2014-11-06T19:15:09+00:00

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    I am a 39 year old male and my doctor just prescribed me a 30day supply of Vyvanse 20Mg.  He told me to try it and if it didn’t work to up it to 40 by doubling up and then going to 60 by tripling up.   We talked about talking half a pill to cut to 30,50 or get to 70.   He said with my size he expected me to be around 50.

    After getting the Vyvanse approved through insurance I started… 20Mg, didn’t feel anything.   Next day, 40 Mg, nothing, so the next day went to 60Mg.   On 60 I started to feel a bit more focused, but definaltly felt the side effects of being dehydrated and loss of appetite (which I am ok with, just an observation about the side effects).   Someone suggested I may have gone from 20->40->60 too fast and that I should give it more time.   Today I went back to 40Mg and was back to not feeling anything at all.

    My questions are:

    How fast should I feel it or do I need to give it a few days to build up in my system?

    Should I go back to 60 tomorrow or stick on 40?

    My concern is that if I started to feel it at 60 then that may not be enough and maybe 70 is closer to being right for me, but what if 70 isn’t enough?

    Thanks for your guidance and patience.


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    Wow, you’re increasing day by day? That’s… not the recommended dosage titration at all, actually.


    This chart says Canada, but applies to the US as – it’s Canada because it was put together by the Canadian ADD Resource Alliance, which is a group for doctors and other healthcare professionals. My doc that diagnosed me is a member, and they are an eminently reliable source.

    If the 70mg ends up not being enough, well – that’s the max dosage recommended and actually 10mg above the manufacturer’s guidelines – you may have to try something else.


    Patte Rosebank
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    Not only has your doctor not followed the proper titration procedure, but seems to be unaware that ADHD medication dosing is NOT based on a person’s size, but on numerous metabolic factors.

    I strongly suggest you talk to your pharmacist about this.  Often, pharmacists know more about medications than doctors do.

    I’d also watch the 3 archived webinars (on the “Webinars” page) with Dr. Charles Parker. They talk about ADHD meds, symptoms and neurology, in great detail.

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