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Just taken off Adderall XR, put on Ritalin. Had anyone else?

Just taken off Adderall XR, put on Ritalin. Had anyone else?2012-02-06T23:15:27+00:00

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    I just started taking Adderall XR last week, but it has given me extreme tiredness, dry mouth, lack of thirst, zoning type feelings, loss of appetite/feeling nauseous when I do eat, and the symptoms of anxiety (worrying, throat closing, hard to breathe).

    After talking with my doctor’s office, they called this evening and said to stop taking the Adderall and they are prescribing me Ritalin instead.

    Has anyone else ever had these symptoms or have made this switch between meds? I’m just trying to get a general idea of what to expect when I start taking it.

    Thanks much!


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    I’m no expert but what I’ve learned on this site is that we all react differently to different meds. I’m on Adderall RX with no side effects with the possible exception of difficulty falling asleep. I guess that means I’m lucky. I also seem to tolerate Concerta equally well. Work with your doc(s); keep a log if you think it will help (or like me with a memory like a sieve).

    At the risk of sounding authoritarian, try not to focus or look for what’s happening, just go about your day and look for things that go better, not worse. None of these “solutions” or meds are perfect, but some can really help. Just keep trying and you’ll get there.

    Good luck, Jim


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    I had excellent luck talking to the drug manufacturer, Lily Canada, when i needed to know about

    withdrawal from Strattera. Health Canada was a waste of time, but Lily came through very quickly.

    Check the manufacturer in Canada and look up their contact information on line ask them.

    As well, I have had great luck with one of our local pharmasists, she has been great at telling

    me what to expect … conversely, her co worker who is on 2 out of 5 days is a troll and a log and useless.

    Some people do really well on some of these drugs… some don’t, they seem to be a crap shoot .. good luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)