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    I like writing. I’ve done a lot of writing oriented things so far (even studied professional writing at university – though I dropped out eventually). Sometimes I like to explain my interests in a variety of topics as natures way of making sure I never run out of things to write about. I used to keep a journal, but then I read this book on blogging. The idea of making some poo change through click advertisements for my thoughts on things seemed better than constantly not having enough change.

    My blog is here (warning: my last entry was my least substantial). I’m writing under an pseudonym mostly because I’ve known potential employers to google people’s names and AD/HD is occasionally considered another name for laziness in this city. I guess the blog may or may not be of interest to AD/HDers or those with AD/HD in their lives. I do a lot of whinging about how hard it is can be to get treatment in Australia, but I also do a lot of reflecting on some stuff.

    Mostly I like that there is no paperwork. Things are nicely organized by their tags. And I’m under no obligation to write every day. I can keep track of my thoughts, and sometimes it helps me put things into perspective. Also, its a lot easier to lose than a journal! And it has spell check!

    Does anyone else keep a blog? Commercial or otherwise. Do you find it useful? Link us!

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    hey there, i’ve been blogging since 2006. some years are better than others. mind you all the blogging that i’ve done so far, is without meds. without direction. without a “path”.

    i’ve yet to blog this year, but will once i get everything in order and my schedule allows for it again. you’re right. it is a great release. and a great way to keep track of thoughts. enjoy!

    i’ll “follow” yours.

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    Hey, I just had a look at your blog. Its good to see new entries!


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    I know this thread is old but I know that several of us keep blogs. I am thinking we should post links if we keep one. I know that part of what keeps me going with the writing is the idea that someone is reading, then I feel accountable to someone. It’s kind of like when you tell people you are going to go to the gym. People are going to start expecting results so if you’d better go. :P

    My blog is here. :)

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    Mine is here: – I’m 39, just got my diagnosis of ADHD combined subtype a couple of weeks ago. Going on Strattera in a week and waiting to see what happens…!



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    Thanks everyone! I’ve added and followed those of you that have that option!

    Veronica, your link isn’t working. Maybe you took your blog down??? Just thought i’d give you a heads up.

    My blog has yet to have anything in it about ADD but it can be found here:

    I love comments so please feel free to leave one!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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