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    Does anyone have advice on how to learn a foreign language well, as an adder? I tried to learn Spanish in high school and college but failed repeatedly. I finally gave up at the 202 level when a professor pulled me aside and said in exasperation “well, you must know syntax in *some* language.” However, at that point I had studied Spanish for 6 years. I teach English (no small irony, I know) in Korea and I’ve been having a very hard time learning that language as well, even though I’m in classes and I’m surrounded by it. I just can’t seem to hold onto the language, and studying for long periods of time and long term memorization are pretty much impossible in this area. Help would be very welcomed as this isn’t just a hobby, it’s a necessity.

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    For me, immersion is about the only way I can learn. Reading textbooks or listening to audio recordings just doesn’t work. Acknowledging that one cannot move to a Spanish-speaking country just to learn the language, perhaps seeking out a course or program somewhere local where people gather to study the language and where an opportunity to “switch” your thinking to the language, if only for a couple hours once or twice a week.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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