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    What a great topic!

    I was talking with my counselor last week on this very subject. What brought this on was a show I was watching “Cold Case” where one of the detectives was asking a suspect about the events in the past.

    Had they asked me, I could tell them with certainty, that I couldn’t remember. In fact If my age was based on what I remember of my own past, I would still be 12. There is so much I don’t recall, even when people show me pictures. I think it is all related to working memory. Dr. J and Too Fat would know.


    I like Flylady but there are a huge number of posts to sift through. I started with 15 minutes for schoolwork before taking a short break. Now I can usually manage much longer – but not always! Even when I’m not following Flylady closely I try and use the 15 minute guideline for cleaning, but I say “at least 15 minutes”. If I’m getting into it, I keep at it for longer.

    I can be totally unaware of how much time is passing. I’m always surprised when I discover that what felt like 10 minutes was really 45 minutes and then I’m late and I’m not even dressed yet and I run out the door with an apple in my hand then I have to speed and I get stopped by the nice officer who does not care that I’ll be even later for my appointment … Sigh.

    I hate wearing a watch – it makes my wrist itch. I got one that hangs on a belt loop, works great until I have no belt loops.


    I find since I started medication everything is good but I picked up this loss of sense of time. Like I could read the biggest book until the end and someone could tell me its been 10 hours and I would feel like it was 20 mins. Started using alarms when scheduling stuff in my phone.

    I also get hooked on the youtube videos, going from someone in the house singing a song, to me looking it up, to then clicking on a side bar video, then sorting through similars, to then reading up on some of it, then…..trying to get back on track :)


    I haven’t been active in these forums for years but this thread is exactly what I was looking for!

    In one of the videos that Rick Green did (I think it was Add & Mastering it), he and Patrick McKenna tackled a task (sorting a bunch of toys) with a timer running. When they finished, Rick said “I think that took about 20 minutes, right?” and Patrick agreed with him. It had actually taken more than 90 minutes!

    Here’s my question. Does anybody know if there’s an actual medical/technical term for that living in a time warp thing that is so common among us ADDers?

    Thanks so much!


    I would answer but i just noticed it is 3:25am and i think i better quit this #%^^*+= i was only going to spend 15 minutes on this cuz it was already midnight.


    Whoops, this is an ADHD thing? That…explains a lot actually. Timers usually drive me crazy pretty quickly(I have yet to find a sound that is both hearable to me when doing things and not so annoying that I forget that I set it for a purpose, because I’m so distracted making sure it never makes that sound again) tho I’ve had some success with count-up timers.

    Patte Rosebank

    We don’t feel time as other people do, because our neurology is more attuned to the organic time of nature (sunrise/sunset, the seasons, plantimg/harvesting, hunger/thirst/sleepiness), but most of the world’s societies run on an arbitrary, man-made, precise system of timekeeping.

    Here’s how that system came to be…


Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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