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Let the Monkey be Free!!!

Let the Monkey be Free!!!2013-03-22T16:50:54+00:00

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    Often, when my brain does the inevitable, my mind wanders onto things which often seem bizarre and annoying at the time.  But, sometimes, I think it is healthier and more beneficial to let the monkey be free, rather than locking it in the cage.  When my brain wanders, sometimes I decide to let it wander.  If it is the weekend I might give myself an hour or so to let my brain do what it wants to do.  What about when you don’t have time to do that?  When you are at work, or doing something where you are expected to be paying attention, I find that the best thing to do is take a note, to write down the distraction.  You could have a small notepad in your pocket, or you could write a note on your phone, etc.  “Racoons are really smart.  I wonder why?”  “Why is the sky blue?”  “Do carrots actually improve your eyesight?”  Write these thoughts down, and then, when you have free time investigate them.  You will find that it will bring joy into your life, and you might even learn something!!!  And it could be used in a conversation later.  So, go ahead and let your mind do what it does best!!!  But, use strategies to control it.




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    Its kind of like mindfulness meditation but since I forget what I noticed, writing it down will help me figure out where my mind goes.


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    Sounds interesting to me, great idea!

    I think I’ll just have to remember to type down the ideas that pile up inside my head on my cell phone when I’m out running around. I’ve been in the habit of writing down all my brainstorms and saving them as a text message. This just adds a new angle to an existing good habit.

    It’s a good way to start writing projects too. Thanks @richardab



    Patte Rosebank
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    Or, you could use the voice-recorder on your cellphone, and dictate your ideas, instead of trying to write/type them out before some new thought pushes them out of your brain.

    If you’ve ever wondered why so many ADDers have such terrible handwriting, it’s because our brains are a Porsche, and our hands are a beat-up old Pinto!

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