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life is falling apart

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    my life feels like it is falling appart i am struggling with life i am hurt and in pain and its a struggle. it seems like my wife does not understand or know what to do i am living with add and i am living with frustration anger and like i am selfsabbotaging myself and the stuff in my life i am scared to talk about add due to the stigma my wife loves me very much but seems like she does not understand how sensitive i really am my wife is a great woman but i wish that she could see or feel how i am doing rather than sit back and watch me struggle and she does not know how to help me sometimes yes we talk and she has helped me but there are times when she does not know what to do i am frustrated all the time and i am privately struggling struggling to help her understand struggling to get the answers that do not seem to come my wife recently said to me how can you have all that going on in your head i blurted out one moring allot of stuff different topics and i said thats because i have ADD hello add you know when you get a bunch of things floating around and then you listen to people and then the ferarri pops in your head or you worry about lots of things and you stew on it and they do not understand my wife does not have add she is organized neat and my disorganization drives her crazy i do not know what else to write i am not sitting here bad mouthing my wife i just want to know how to make people understand i wish i could hook people up to a machine that makes them feel what it is like to have add or something or like an understanding machine you know when people just do not get it and you have done everything to explain i do not wish anything on anybody at all i just want people to understand how and what it is like and then have them say geeze no wonder not tell me that sucks its like when you get the pro athletes complaining about the money they make and i sit back and say okay you get to play a sport and get paid for it some multimillions and mean while the average joe has to work nine to five or evenings or weekends but the point is i do not know lost train of thought

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