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    a few months ago i found out that my six year old niece’s teachers suspect that she has ADHD.

    this was very surprising since she doesn’t seem like she has ADHD she’s just a little annoying, naughty,overly dramatic, won’t sleep, won’t sit still, won’t shutup, ok yes she’s very ADHD.

    this made me look more into ADHD in order to understand the little devil, to myself surprise i came to understand myself a little more. i cannot even explain the overwhelming emotions that i felt at that time. how can my whole life and struggles be explained by there four little letters, four letters that i’ve always heard about just never really listened.

    after that i was obsessed with these letters and could not stop reading about them, the more i read the more convinced i am that i have ADHD.

    i still have not been diagnosed yet, doctors are a bit of a pain in the ass and won’t refer me to a specialist.

    that’s ok they’ll probably come to their senses when i become suicidal with alcohol and drug problems. 🙂

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