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list of "typical symptoms"?

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    I took the online test here, passed with an A++ (mega yes to everything)

    And I have the “sample but not conclusive diagnosis” from said test, knowing it’s not a clinical and valid diagnosis from a real doctor based on a real visit.

    HOWEVER, I’m wondering if there’s a pretty comprehensive list of “symptoms” or signs for someone like me with “Predominantly Inattentive Subtype” beyond that test, or ‘for now’ is that the best thing to go by when living between now and a proper doctor diagnosis? (the test list and the TV program examples were pretty much spot-on for me in almost everything)

    It’s hard to think of a better “list of signs” than what that test gave me in my profile here!

    One manager here actually asked as he had no clue, and thought maybe he should learn a bit about it. (everyone should as there’s a chance that you either know someone or will know someone who is ADD, etc. – the more we know about each other just in general, the better off the human race will be)

    Further – when one with ADD/ADHD asks for “reasonable accommodations” or whatever it’s called at work, what have folks been talking to the boss about? (keeping the word “reasonable” in there of course)

    Any successes?

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