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Little clown, troubling clown, why do you bother to stay?

Little clown, troubling clown, why do you bother to stay?2014-08-15T01:34:32+00:00

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    You know when you get on a really good train of thought and then you space out and suddenly it’s just gone and you can’t get it back?

    That sort of shooting an arrow in a dark feeling?

    You think you’ll hit the mark, but the arrow falls before it can even get there.

    Well, I’ve sort of been feeling so in the communication department. I feel like I have all these “really important” things I want others to know but then, no one answers, or knows what to say, or it’s just swept under the rug and forgotten about. It’s strange, because I don’t want to listen to me, either. I annoy myself.

    There’s a feeling of emptiness afterword. I just want a really involved conversation, where both parties are equal in the communication. I’m tired of feeling a bias. This “I care more” or “they care more” crap.

    I’m so bored, all the time.

    I mean, is it really that hard to have an emotional conversation? Everything seems so petty. I’m sorry, I don’t care at all who’s doing what.






    Please, please stop talking about it, talk about yourselves for once in your life. Why do the simple lives of others interest everyone so much? So they slept together! Whoop-de-fucking-do.


    Why are people my age lacking so greatly in insight? Is it really that perplexing? How is it not interesting? So I’m just left to sort out all my battles with myself, which never works because they’re often against myself.

    And I am just fed up with hearing all the same things over and over again, both from myself and others.

    How do I break the cycle?


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    I loved that youtube video, Think we all can relate to that. I hate gossip too. Talking about peoples faults when we have so many faults of our own to deal with. It is hard but I want to get better at not caring so much about what people think. As long as we are trying to be the best person that we were meant to be. Even if it is outside societies norm it is ok. Keep you held high. You are a great person just the way you are!!


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    I use to hate gossip till I realized that I was getting potentially useful intelligence out of people that I could use to my advantage if it turned out to be correct. I know it sounds diabolical, but I’d used it to my advantage, if I could authenticate it to some degree. Better yet, I would sometimes gossip false rumors that I knew were getting sent back to my adversaries in college just to mess with them. Maybe I read Sun Tsu’s Art of War a little too much back in college.


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