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Looking for a doctor in central Pennsylvania

Looking for a doctor in central Pennsylvania2014-03-21T13:16:17+00:00

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    Hershey/Lancaster area here.  Hoping to find an MD with experience handling adult ADHD who won’t dismiss my concerns due to apparent success, lack of information, etc.


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    Hi @lifeinthefog, welcome to T.A.D.D.

    Sorry you didn’t get any response to this one. I guess there’s no one else here from PA. Or else they’re just being shy.

    It helps if you can find someone with experience treating ADHD. If you can’t I would suggest you gather as much information as you can yourself and just try to talk to your regular doctor about it and explain it to him/her.

    It may also help just to find a younger doctor, since they will be more up to date and less likely to dismiss it.  Older doctors tend to be stuck in their ways and in some cases just refuse to believe anything that is new.


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    Here are several suggestions:

    Check with one of the public school nurses to see if she knows of any doctors familiar with ADHD.  I’m sure she must know some of their patients.

    Check the coaches  section of this site for a coach in your area.  They may know of a good ADHD doctor.

    Hang out at the mall until you see a kid acting ADHD weird and ask his mom who is treating her kid.  (Be prepared to get slapped.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)