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Looking for an app/ method to quickly record a thought before I lose it : )

Looking for an app/ method to quickly record a thought before I lose it : )2019-10-10T04:53:10+00:00

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    Any ideas for this: I get thoughts on things I have to do / follow up on, etc.

    By the time I get a piece of paper and pencil I most times forget the item. or write it and lose the paper.

    I’d love to be able to store them in iphone. I know I can say ‘hey siri, add ‘pick up cookies’ to my to do list.

    And most times she gets the wording wrong – either the task or the list to put it in.

    I am going to try to keep voice memos open – and just start it, say something, then pause.

    but even that – unlock phone, get into the app, press button, speak, press button, can be a pain / not adviced when driving etc.

    Ild love to be able to tap an apple watch, and say something – it records a set number of seconds. 1 tap and speak.

    Does that exist? I’d buy an apple watch for that!!!

    Or any other tips?


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    There are a number of apps like Evernote, one note, ike to do list. cozi, to do list.

    Like you said, microphone, voice record on phone or simply, selotape and a paper band round your wrist till you get to a large pad or email you can send yourself.

    I think I use a combination.



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    Hi! I feel you!

    I have Google home and assistent on my android, and I feel that its pretty fast, but yeah sometimes it doesn’t get it right away. But my google home works like, I can say the whole sentence: “Add swag to my ideas list” –> “Alright, I added swag”, so you dont have to wait for it to be like “what list”. I dont wanna say that Google is better than Siri, I just find Google home extremely helpful (especially with the voice commands!)

    I do not know if this could work for you, please let me know, but I always have a pen and empty piece of paper next to my computer. And when I am somewhere, I have a small pencil that I can attack to my smartphone wallet case (its like a minipen, supercute) and I want to have like an empty buisnesscard size notebook attached to it so that I can always write down my ideas right away since I always have my smartphone near me.
    But to be honest, I am also in search for a faster app, but I hope it can be a bit useful for you 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)