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Looking for young adults (18-25) of ADHD parents

Looking for young adults (18-25) of ADHD parents2019-06-04T00:47:07+00:00

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    Hi all, thanks for welcoming me onto this forum.

    I am a research student and a mum with adult ADHD. I’m really passionate about changing misconceptions about parents who have ADHD so i’ve started a research project in this area. I’m looking for young adults 18-25 who have a parent with adult ADHD to interview regarding their relationship, strengths and what makes this pairing unique. The interview takes 30-60 minutes and participants are reimbursed a $50(AUD) gift-card for their time. Interviews are conducted done online through Zoom/Skype – the study is open worldwide.

    If you have any young adults in your life who would be suitable – I would greatly appreciate if you could pass on the details of this study. Please contact me on 169089@my.acap.edu.au if you would like more information or a copy of the Participant Information Sheet.

    Kind regards,

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