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Looking to find a docter in my area, and other things!!

Looking to find a docter in my area, and other things!!2012-10-05T06:12:00+00:00

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    Well hello everyone, I have been around here before but I keep forgetting my username and password so I think this is my second or maybe third account I have made.. opps.. Oh well to the point of this post.. well hopefully anyway.. btw I really think that the there should be a little box we can check that will remeber our password and username, I know it would make my life easier and probably others as well!! Like the ones that facebook or email accounts have?

    Oh ya anyway.. I think I have ADHD.. I never even considered it until someone from my old work came up to me and said in a very nice way “your ADHD arnt you?” Not exact words but along those lines.. (he is ADD himself) So after many conversations with him, going on line and reading what ever I could find, doing all sorts of online test and talking to other people that have it or have experienced it, I think Im ready to admit that I probably do have it.. Im releived if I do it explains alot.. My child hood growing up, the constant switching of jobs and always wanting to be going somewhere else.. And many more things but not going to get into everything right now.

    Ok so back to the original reason of this post.. I am heading to my family docters in a couple weeks for something totally unrealated but going to mention it to her and see what she says.. But my concern is from what I have read it cost alot of money to be diagnosed and it can take a while to get tested and what not.. I am hoping someone can recomend a docter in the Kingston Ontario area (I am willing to travel), who either is cheap or even better free that can diagnose or at least get me started on the right track.. I asm really lsot on the steps I need to take.. I have been thinking about getting tested for over a year now, but at the same time I dont know if i want to.. I hear (dont know if they are jut myths or not) that if you are ADHD that you cant be a police officer or in the army and things like that?? Does anyone know if thats true?? or if they have there own experience with it?? Well take care everyone, I should head to bed thoguh I am sure I will end up reading more forums before I get there lol


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    from what i read on here there is an adhd clinic in toronto called adhd clinic

    there is dr john fleming, fee psychologist

    dr barry simon.. ohip.. psychiatrist, call to see if he diagnoses adhd or who he can recommend.

    and it is about 1000 dollars. but if you want to wait, you can get it free on ohip, but it will take months of waiting on a list.

    if you need to ,loose weight also, you can call dr. lance levy, ohip, he wrote a book talking about the connection between add and obesity. he will basically disect your whole life and fix everything. he will send you to all the doctors you need concerning all your problems.

    good luck


    Patte Rosebank
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    There’s also the Springboard Clinic, in Toronto.

    It has a team of doctors, psychologists, and coaches, and it treats children and adults with various learning & developmental disabilities, including dyslexia and ADHD.

    The website is http://www.springboardclinic.ca.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)