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maybe medication, maybe MSW, maybe success . . .

maybe medication, maybe MSW, maybe success . . .2010-06-22T08:58:33+00:00

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    Hi there,

    I am relatively new here and I am recently (self) diagnosed with ADD. (It’s interesting how effectively and quickly I can read a whole book on ADD but usually struggle to get even a quarter way threw most other books). So during a recent annual visit with my GP (who is the most wholistic doctor I have ever met and who considers alternatives to medication in a very serious way), I explained that I have applied to an intensive 1 year M.S.W. program and I asked how she would feel about prescribing an ADD drug. Surprisingly she suggested she would prescribe Ritalin and she said she would be willing to do a trial with that using it as needed (ie. during study periods or exams, etc.) Well, because I had a dismal grade point average from my B.S.W. I had to explain to the university selection committee why I felt I could succeed in a such an intense program. I essentially explained that I have worked (somewhat) successfully as a social worker for 18 years since I did my undergraduate work, that I recenly discovered “a reason” (ADD) for my academic (and other life) struggles and I mentioned “the plan” to do a trial on medication. I still await the respnse from the university (part of me doubts I will get in, part of me is terrified if I get in – probably the same part for both fears). In the mean time, I have finally quit formal social work and have taken a pay cut of $20,000 and am doing a mindless CSR job. . .

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