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    When my daughter, who is one of the most severe ADHD individuals I & everyone I know, was pregnant, she was so much less severe. Just a few days after her daughter was born, I sat & watch Christy become “hyper” as she was before the pregnancy. I keep wondering if anyone else has seen this or if anyone has done any research on pregnancy hormones on woman with ADHD? I don’t know what a tag is?

    At age 65 I will be meeting with a psychiatrist to determine if I am ADHD. My 3 grown children are all on medication & so are 2 of my grandchildren are also. My friends have always told my “the acorns don’t fall far from the tree”


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    I’m pretty sure a tag is just a key word or two people can use to run a search and find a thread with info they’re in search of.. The cloud on the main forums start page is a place where your tags help people find this post many moons from now. Like for your post the Tags might be:

    stopped medication affects during pregnancy, ADHD meds and pregnancy, hormone affect on ADHD.

    Make sense? They only ask for tags if you start a new thread on this forum. I used to goof around with them on lot’s of my posts. But I’ve kinda mellowed out the mischievous, and a little reckless part of my sense of humor. It’s the meds helping me. I think maybe I’m a lil less selfish too. Sometimes I feel like I might not need the methylphenidate after maybe another year of so. I can still read fairly well when I know it’s worn off, a little bit, just sometimes. I’d like to see medication as training wheels, some of us can. It’s important to be willing to accept good professional advice about meds though.


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