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Meds and brain function – some science

Meds and brain function – some science2013-08-31T07:04:07+00:00

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    If anyone is interested in how meds work and some science behind it then have a look at the following. He’s a little on the slow side but if you stick with it then it’s good. A bit technical in parts but……


    I hope the link works…..



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    And speaking of brain science, George Will—an American political pundit who normally writes about the machinations of government—has written an interesting column on… an Administration initiative to study the neurochemistry of the brain (http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/george-f-will-obamas-brainy-idea/2013/08/23/ca5bb1ca-0b45-11e3-b87c-476db8ac34cd_story.html).

    Do we have bodies or are we bodies? What will become of the field of psychology as explorations of brain anatomy advances our understanding of how brain architecture influences, or even determines, behavior? “The devil made me do it” is no longer an exculpation. But what about “My brain circuitry made me do it”?

    What indeed.


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    Oh, I never believed the old “devil made me do it” nonsense. Regardless of religious beliefs, we all have complete control over our actions……

    Well, okay, maybe not complete control. And some of us maybe have less control than others.


    So, anyway, getting back on topic, interesting stuff guys. Thanks for the links (which I will actually try after I am finished commenting in them). And I like the disclaimer: “he’s a little on the slow side but if you stick with it it’s good” Thanks for the warning @scattybird. 😉

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