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Mental whiplash

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    After feeling mentally stagnant for god knows how long, it comes as bit of a shock when my brain revs itself up and begins to think deeply about many different subjects in a very short amount of time.
    I began by thinking of how sick it is to still have people in this world not accepting of gay rights. It eventually transcended into the thought that love is the purest form of human emotion, love perpetuates life, and just because someone loves something you don’t doesn’t mean their love is any less.
    Then, just as that thought was concluded, I began to think of the great difference of outcome when one pursues potential rather than desire. Potential isn’t always the easiest to follow, but it is the most fulfilling in the long term. Desire is often very simple but impractical. Desire is usually the easiest to follow, but it never gives one the peace of fulfilling their potential–there are just greater, more impractical desires.
    Afterwards, I began to theorize that the ADD “Aha” moments are often followed by feelings of melancholy or apathy because we have very little dopamine in our chemical make-up, so we eventually experience a crash in dopamine (because we’ve used it to its full capacity) and therefore a crash in emotion until our brain has time to restore what was used.

    It’s days like today I wholeheartedly believe I have ADD and am grateful for it.
    I mean, what normy would be able to think so deeply of those subjects in the hour I did?


    Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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    Love it.  A kaleidoscope of thoughts.

    I often have to speak things aloud so that I can figure out what I’m thinking. I discovered it means I’m a verbal processor.

    I say it aloud. Some people have to read it. Some have to hear it. Some have to see it done. Some have to do it themselves…

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